LLLReptile customer testimonials

    I received my Cal King this morning. After a very cold night I was worried. We left him in his shipping container for about an hour in order to help him slowly adjust. As soon as he went into his cage he started to explore, burrowing in the aspen substrate and climbing the walls. Beautiful animal, like one I would have picked out personally. Thank you for the great service!!

    Doug S

    Doug S on 2001-02-08

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my juvenile red-phase amazon tree boa yesterday. I am extremely happy with the coloration and the condition that the snake arrived in. The snake was packaged very well, quite warm, and active when I removed him from his shipping container. In fact, it gave me a few little nips right off the bat, which is par for the course with this species of snake. Anyway, this is my second snake purchase from you guys (I received a beautiful baby, sumatran blood python a little over a year ago that is growing very fast and doing quite well) and I'm looking forward do business with you guys again. In fact, I plan on using LLL reptiles for any future live reptile purchases. The service, customer courtesy, and professionalism LLL reptiles supplies is top notch and sometimes hard to find in this industry. You guys have my business!

    Chris L

    Chris L on 2001-01-30

    Hey, I just opened up my order. The ball python looks great! He's very friendly too, and not at all shy. My other ball python and I are very happy to meet him! For an import, he's extremely calm and very healthy. This is the fifth herp (definitely not the last) that I've ordered from you, and I am once again very impressed. The weather outside may have been a little chilly but you guys know how to pack your animals so I wasn't concerned at all. I must also thank you for your kind service. I'm very glad that you're one of the only herp stores devoted to the actual health of reptiles. He was a male as requested and you guys aren't careless in making sure of that. I appreciated you calling me and you answered all of my questions very promptly by e-mail. Thank you so much! Great job guys. I will always be getting my reptiles and supplies from you, Heather B

    Heather B on 2001-01-29

    Dear LLL and Staff: About a week ago our local pet store went out of business. We recently purchased a Bearded Dragon (who just loves Crickets) and we were very concerned about getting his food. I figured I'd give the Internet a try and WOW what a good idea I had, we found LLL. I just saw your fantastic prices and figured I'd give you guy's a try. I had many concerns due to the fact you are in California and we are in Baltimore (Home of the Ravens), sorry had to say that its been forever since we were in the Super Bowl, Anyway we received our first order for Hunters, (our Dragon) crickets. I figured the pricing was so good that even if half the crickets didn't survive the trip it was still worth the money I was going to spend, Well to my surprise we only lost very few (25 maybe) and they were all the size you stated they would be. I'm excited to place our next order. We will also spread the word to all our friends so expect some more business! Thanks Again, Thomas D. Sr & Jr. Baltimore Md.

    Thomas D. Sr & Jr on 2001-01-19

    Today we recieved the Two Pigmy Leaf Cham's and The Three Toed Box Turtle and all three arrived safe and secure. I have recieved Reptiles mail order before but not like this and not in this kind of Condition! The Two PLC's were in excellent health and crawled right out of their containers, glad to be home at last! The Three toed Box Turtle knew he had found a new and loving home as he took to my wife right away! He even ate right from her hands! The next time I order it will be LLLReptile! You guys delivered! They even arrived 5 min. before you said they would! That is service. You guys and Gals are simply the best in our book and we will tell everyone...LLLReptile!!!

    Steaphon and Melissa D Randleman, N.C.

    Steaphon and Melissa D on 2001-01-05

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know I just recieved my juvenille leopard geckos. The second I put them in the cage they were going all over the place, and now they've settled down. They were exactly what I wanted and one of them has a great pattern, thank -you for the great selection, resonable prices and healthy animals , this is the first time I have ordered animals off of the internet, and I'm sure to be doing it again. I've got a friend looking for a good place to buy some geckos and I'll be sure to tell him about you guys. Thanks again!


    Derek on 2001-01-02

    To the LLLReptile team,

    Thank you for your great products and 

    service. We have dealt with other pet stores on the internet before and nobody has gave us customer service like LLLReptile has. It has been a pleasure to do business with the store. Our Bearded dragons we ordered came to us so healthy and alert, they ate as soon as we put them in the cage. And their colors and sex were exactly what we ordered, unlike other online comapanies.

    Thank you for caring about your customers, Scott R

    Scott R on 2000-12-11

    I want to thank you for the beautiful Rosy Boas. I got them at 10.00 am this morning. They are very nice and look very healthy. I appreciate you finding two females for me. They are already exploring their new home. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. You guys are 1st class. Thanks again. Ralph R

    Ralph R on 2000-11-27

    I received my baby sulcatta today, and I must say the thing is adorable! It arrived alive and active, and ate within seconds after removal from the box. I have been purchasing turtles from LLLreptile for a year now, and I must say... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Your animals are in the greatest condition! Thank you once again.

    Your loyal customer,


    Larry on 2000-11-14

    Dear Scott, Thanks! The leopard geckos are beautiful. I have only seen such precise and careful packaging of live material once before--while on the Organ Transplant Team in med school. It is a pleasure to order from LLL and I will continue to recommend your exquisite live specimens. All the best! Adam R., M.D.

    Adam R., M.D. on 2000-10-31

    Hey guys, Just recently received an order of Sulcatta Tortises from you guys. Man,are they healthy!!! I am VERY impressed, as are all of my customers! Thanks for the WONDERFUL service, and mostly for the ABSOLUTE BEST Sulcattas I've bought yet!!! You will definatly be hearing from me again soon! Thanks, Richard P, (Owner,Modern Jungle)

    Richard P on 2000-09-28

    Hello! My treasures arrived safe and sound-and so healthy. The Russians in the pet stores here look terrible when compared to these two little beauties.Rest assured that they will have a wonderful home,and will receive loving care. Thank you so much for supplying healthy, hardy tortoises....Jody J

    Jody J on 2000-09-27

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the beautiful dwarf retic. She arrived in perfect condition and is settling in nicely. You guys were great when I ordered her, also, and I will definitely get all of my future reptiles from you.

    Anonymous Customer on 2000-09-06

    Hey, I got my new little friend this morning!!. I was very nervous about ordering an animal online but now I am not. My tortoise is in 100% perfect health!. He has bright, clear eyes and started eating the second I took him out of the box!!. I can't believe how much he has eaten today :). I can tell that he has been well taken care of!. Thank you so much!!. I will not hesitate to buy from you again!!. All the good things I have heard about you guys and your animals have been true!!. Thanks again, Amber

    Amber on 2000-08-08

    I was very impressed when I recieved my adult water dragon this morning. He arrived in excellent condition. I was half expecting a scrappy little thing, half the size that I'd asked for with snout rubbing problems galore, but he's the EXACT size I specified and is gorgeous! I'm all the way in Anchorage, Alaska and was surprised that he arrived in such great condition. I'd never thought of buying a pet online, but after not finding what I wanted in town I decided to look online and I'm sure glad I did. After following the instructions on your care sheets he's happily soaking up some heat waves from a basking light at the moment. I was also amazed at your quick answers to my questions. I greatly appreciate that.

    I would be happy to serve for a referance to anyone that would like to order an animal from you, as I am so overly impressed with your service. If I ever need or want anything else I will definatly order from you, as I would tell anyone interested in getting a reptile. My Email address is rackliff@ak.net in case anyone needs a referance before deciding. Once again, thank you for your wonderful service!

    Very happy customer, Jennifer in Alaska

    Jennifer on 2000-07-07

    Hey, I got my veiled chameleon this morning. I was trying to find him in the packaging, but when I found him, it was well worth it. I fed him some fruit flies. About 2 minutes after I put him in his cage, he ate about 5 flies. So far, I am very happy, and I am sure it will stay that way. I will definately try to do business with you again if I get another reptile. Thank you for your cooperation. And dont worry, I am going to take good care of my chameleon. Thank you all at LLL. Justin F. Pennsylvania

    Justin F on 2000-07-06

    Dear Scott, thank you for your quick reply to my questions, I was pleasantly surprised to get an answer back so fast. As I said, I'm just starting out with reptiles, and LLL has been a great help every step of the way. Your website is informative and easy to use, your prices are excellent, and your booths at the reptile shows are wonderful. Everyone I've talked to at LLL, either in person, by phone or via email has been very nice, and helpful, willing to answer all my beginner questions. Thank you for making my introduction to reptiles an easy and fun one. I look forward to seeing your booth at the next show, and visiting your store next time I'm in San Diego. Thanks again! Sincerely, Shelly T

    Shelly T on 2000-06-12

    My Chameleon arrived on Thursday. What a beautiful female! Right out of the packing she was alert and full of vigor. In talking with you on the phone, I had all my questions answered. Delivery was on time and as promised. I think you have all the right stuff. I am looking forward to visiting your shop for accessories.

    Michael C West Hollywood, CA

    Michael C on 2000-05-22

    I just wanted to let you all know that I got my veiled's this morning and they were early. The little girl, Alpha, just ate and went after the biggest cricket she could find. The boy, Omega, thought the crickets were too big and ate 17 fruit flies. Thank you so much for the great babies. I'm in love. :)

    Brittney K Indianapolis, In

    Brittney K on 2000-05-02

    Scott, I just wanted to drop you a line, to say how happy we are with the Wood Turtle. She arrived in beautiful health and alert as ever. And most of all she was a huge hit at my son's Birthday party. We will be ordering all future supplies through LLLReptile David S

    David S on 2000-04-15

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the dwarf jacksons' in perfect form. They are fantastic lizards, truly beautiful specimens! Thanks again for having such great website and store. Sincerely, Matthew R

    Matthew R on 2000-04-07

    My name is Jan Paul Z. I bought a female banded california kingsnake in January 8,2000. I was visiting my brother in Santa Barbara and saw your advertisement in a Reptile magazine. As soon as I stepped into your store I knew you guys were expert breeders. My computer had been down for a while, but that problem is solved. "Tutti" can't be better and she is growing into a magnificent snake. I thank you again for your service and I know it will not be the last time that I contact LLLReptile. Good luck !!!

    Jan Paul Z. on 2000-03-19

    To the Folks at LLL Reptile:

    For the third time I have to thank you for the gorgeous leopard tortoises!! The two females that arrived today are extremely lively and active, and began eating as soon as they saw the greens. They both have striking markings and I'm certain they will produce stunning offspring. Just to also let you know, the first leopards I purchased from you are doing great, and have shown nice new growth in only a few weeks. Thanks again!!

    Barbara K. Newton, MA

    Barbara K on 2000-02-02

    Hey guys I got the male leopard tortoise today. he looks great. i have many many tortoises and some are wild caught but none of them were ever as in good shape as this big guy when i first got them. he's eating alot and he seems curious. i've ordered a few times from you guys and every time has been worth it. well hopefully this breeding season should be great for me! thanx again -chris

    chris on 2000-01-18

    Scott... The female green burmese arrived today in good health. She has already eaten 2 mice. What a beauty. We will be in touch as we are interested in several of the snakes you offer for sale as well as supplies. Thank you for your responses to our inquiries. Another satisfied customer!!!!!! Thanks again, J.W. & Sharon R

    J.W. & Sharon R on 2000-01-12