LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Hello, The Solomon Island skink I ordered on Monday arrived this morning safe and sound in spite of the unpredictably cold weather we're experiencing here in Michigan. After being moved to his quarantine quarters, he immediately rehydrated in his water bowl, which reminded me of the T-rex drinking out of the swimming pool from Jurassic Park II, and dug into his first meal of greens, Reed's Iguana goop and mixed veggies. He's dozing under a log right now, no doubt sleeping off the heavy meal.

    I just wanted to say thanks much for your expedient service and I'll be in touch before winter to purchase another.

    Warmest regards,

    --Joseph C.

    Joseph C. on 2001-08-23

    Dear Reptile Dealer and Supplier,

    I've just gotten my emperor scorpions today and I thought they were the greatest. I must admit, you guys are good at what you do. My emperor scorpion came and the males and females where in different bags, so I can tell which bag was the females and males in because they had markings on it to tell me. Other dealers and suppliers wouldn't care, the only thing they care about is the money and the amount of customers they get. You guys seem to also care about the pets you're selling, because my emperor scorpion came without a scratch and was fat and healthy as you can see in their behavior and color. Thanks for the emperor scorpion. Oh yeah, you guys are so nice over the telephone and you've helped me a lot.

    James T.

    James T. on 2001-08-13

    Dear Scott and LLL, My albino corn snake arrived today right on schedule. Once again, I am simply amazed. I really didnt expect the quality upon arrival to be as outstanding as it was. She was so alert right when I took her out. The color is AMAZING!! The best albino I have ever had! She is healthy and was well cared for. Once again you have amazed me. My chameleon from last year is still beautiful and healthy. Your animals are great. Im getting a pair of beardeds this week. I think i know where to get them from!! Thanks again! Jeff C Beverly, MA

    Jeff C on 2001-08-07

    I just wanted to say thank you on my purchase of two great snakes. I bought an Albino Burmese Python and a Red Tail Columbian Boa. Both are incredible looking snakes and I was very happy with my purchase and plan to do all my business with you in the future. I was also very impressed with the time spent in answering all of my questions with my snakes or any other concerns I had with proper care etc... Most businesses end with the purchase but with LLLReptile I have E-mailed them with questions on care for my snakes and they responded to them all. This really showed me they care and are willing to take extra time and effort that is impossible to find anywhere else. You have a customer for a long time to come and I just wanted to say Thank-you. Robert

    Robert on 2001-07-16

    To all at LLLReptile, I haven't ordered an animal from you guys yet, but i have been ordering crickets. I have been ordering them from you guys for a few months now and I am very pleased with it. I work at a petstore and get a discount, but it still doesnt beat your prices. They make it here to my home in general good time and they are always alive, even in this hot Louisiana weather. Thank you very much for such great service. From, Melanie Louisiana P.S. I do plan on doing business with you guys for a long time and I recommend you to everyone I talk to.

    Melanie on 2001-07-08

    Hi, I would just like to say thanks for the professionalism. I recieved my male Veiled Chameleon right on time. He was alert, and active right out of the box. He keeps looking at me from the corner of his eye. He does seem a bit stressed, but who wouldn't be from a trip to Boston from California? Anyway, I thought my reptile guy was good, LLL is better, and I will be doing much business with them in the future. Thanks again. Jamie

    Jamie on 2001-06-14

    Dear Reptile Supply, I want to thank you for your wonderful services! Locally we only have two pet stores. One deals with fish, the other with pretty much all small things. But neither care about thier customer or pets and do not carry supplies for our pets or even the ones they sell!!! They force us to drive an hour away to a pet store to get crickets, mealworms and other feeder supplies. I found your web page and have been buying from you ever since! You carry a wonderful sellection of feeder supplies in the amounts and sizes we need. Thank you for being a wonderful online pet store to us. I thank God for the internet in times like this! Also we ordered a baby bearded dragon about a year ago from you...she is doing wonderful and loves sharing her home with Benard (I think they have a crush on each other LOL :).

    Thanks for everything! The Hasbells in Oklahoma

    The Hasbells on 2001-06-06

    Hi, just to let you know the baby snow you sent me has arrived, and is doing great, he took a drink and ate some babyfood/vitamin/pellet mixture, then an hour later i offered crickets, he scarfed those crix right down! So far so good! I had a reptile carpet (fake grass) in his feeding cage, and he was sooo funny, would chase a crix, then try to walk holding his toes up in the air so he didn't touch the grass...all 4 feet! Only here an hour and already being picky...lol I was suprised, he is so tame, not afraid of us at all. In fact does not want to go in his cage...runs up my arm, cool. 2 of my other babies were very scared and it took a while to calm them down, it is so nice that he is ok, and calm. Thanks, Sandy aka dragonhealer in chat/forums

    Sandy on 2001-05-22

    To the LLL crew, I would like to take the time and say thank-you for being here on the web as well as in California. My wife and I ordered a perfectly beautiful Columbian Red-Tail Boa from you this week (thursday afternoon) and we are amazed at your speed and quality!! He arrived 9:00 am Friday the next day!!! WOW!! He is in perfect condition and could not have been in any better shape had I bought him here Localy. (2500 miles from you in Texas!) We are very pleased with the color and quality and love the guarantee he has!!! Little Olympus is doing well and we WILL Be buying Stacie's baby veiled chameleons from you soon!!! No matter what You're prices are the best and delivery and quality is tip top!!! Thank-you once again

    Greg and Stacie in Texas (and lil' Olympus)

    Greg and Stacie on 2001-05-18

    Dear LLLReptile, I ordered a columbian black and white tegu from you on Friday of last week. THANK YOU! He is exactly what I was looking for. Even as I write this, he is sitting in my shirt pocket after a very large meal. He ate the second he came out of the box. I am very impressed. I had no idea that ordering reptiles over the internet could be such a good thing. I am the owner of one green iguana, a leopard gecko, and two fire-bellied toads. The new Tegu, Essok is his name, is the healthiest and appears to be the happiest of them all. Thank you, thank you. If I buy anything else, it will be from you.

    Sincerely, Mathew M

    Mathew M on 2001-05-09

    I just received my 1.1 baby ball pythons about an hour ago. I've never mail ordered snakes before...usually just driven to Bob Clark's place. I didn't really know what to expect, but as soon as I opened the bags...their heads were poking out of the newspaper clippings...haha. Awesome looking animals and already very active. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future and keep up the good work.

    Thanks, Brad

    Brad on 2001-04-27

    Scott, I received my order today. The two pigmy chameleons, mossey leaf tail gecko and two green day geckos arrived safely. I am very impressed with the quality of the animals and the packaging they were in. I acclimated them to their new environment and all are doing well and are even eating. I will order from your company again in the near future. I will also be recommending you to friends who are looking for great herps. Thanks again!!


    Katie on 2001-04-11

    HI I just wanted to way that I got my satanic gecko and he is doing great. I also wanted to say that your store is the best reptile store. I used to go to store around town and spend so much money on reptile supplies. But since I have found you on the internet it just has been the best thing. You have such low prices and I spend half of what I used to when I would at a regular pet store. I just wanted to let you know that your store has been the greatest thing. So expect future orders of supplies from me.

    Thank YOU- George R

    George R on 2001-03-28

    I just wanted to thank you guys for the great service recently with my cricket order. I order thousands of crickets every month and recently decided to use you guys because my last supplier had to many shipping problems and was very rude on the phone. My first order with you guys was great and on time. My second order was late and arrived dead. I called and you guys were quick to review my order and get a second box out. This box arrived on time and with big healthy crickets. I appreciate your quick and professional response. I know sometimes orders get lost or held to long due by the post office and it isn't always the shippers error. Thanks again.

    Brian and Shauna A Cherrywood Dragons

    Brian and Shauna A on 2001-03-06

    I received my Cal King this morning. After a very cold night I was worried. We left him in his shipping container for about an hour in order to help him slowly adjust. As soon as he went into his cage he started to explore, burrowing in the aspen substrate and climbing the walls. Beautiful animal, like one I would have picked out personally. Thank you for the great service!!

    Doug S

    Doug S on 2001-02-08

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my juvenile red-phase amazon tree boa yesterday. I am extremely happy with the coloration and the condition that the snake arrived in. The snake was packaged very well, quite warm, and active when I removed him from his shipping container. In fact, it gave me a few little nips right off the bat, which is par for the course with this species of snake. Anyway, this is my second snake purchase from you guys (I received a beautiful baby, sumatran blood python a little over a year ago that is growing very fast and doing quite well) and I'm looking forward do business with you guys again. In fact, I plan on using LLL reptiles for any future live reptile purchases. The service, customer courtesy, and professionalism LLL reptiles supplies is top notch and sometimes hard to find in this industry. You guys have my business!

    Chris L

    Chris L on 2001-01-30

    Hey, I just opened up my order. The ball python looks great! He's very friendly too, and not at all shy. My other ball python and I are very happy to meet him! For an import, he's extremely calm and very healthy. This is the fifth herp (definitely not the last) that I've ordered from you, and I am once again very impressed. The weather outside may have been a little chilly but you guys know how to pack your animals so I wasn't concerned at all. I must also thank you for your kind service. I'm very glad that you're one of the only herp stores devoted to the actual health of reptiles. He was a male as requested and you guys aren't careless in making sure of that. I appreciated you calling me and you answered all of my questions very promptly by e-mail. Thank you so much! Great job guys. I will always be getting my reptiles and supplies from you, Heather B

    Heather B on 2001-01-29

    Dear LLL and Staff: About a week ago our local pet store went out of business. We recently purchased a Bearded Dragon (who just loves Crickets) and we were very concerned about getting his food. I figured I'd give the Internet a try and WOW what a good idea I had, we found LLL. I just saw your fantastic prices and figured I'd give you guy's a try. I had many concerns due to the fact you are in California and we are in Baltimore (Home of the Ravens), sorry had to say that its been forever since we were in the Super Bowl, Anyway we received our first order for Hunters, (our Dragon) crickets. I figured the pricing was so good that even if half the crickets didn't survive the trip it was still worth the money I was going to spend, Well to my surprise we only lost very few (25 maybe) and they were all the size you stated they would be. I'm excited to place our next order. We will also spread the word to all our friends so expect some more business! Thanks Again, Thomas D. Sr & Jr. Baltimore Md.

    Thomas D. Sr & Jr on 2001-01-19

    Today we recieved the Two Pigmy Leaf Cham's and The Three Toed Box Turtle and all three arrived safe and secure. I have recieved Reptiles mail order before but not like this and not in this kind of Condition! The Two PLC's were in excellent health and crawled right out of their containers, glad to be home at last! The Three toed Box Turtle knew he had found a new and loving home as he took to my wife right away! He even ate right from her hands! The next time I order it will be LLLReptile! You guys delivered! They even arrived 5 min. before you said they would! That is service. You guys and Gals are simply the best in our book and we will tell everyone...LLLReptile!!!

    Steaphon and Melissa D Randleman, N.C.

    Steaphon and Melissa D on 2001-01-05

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know I just recieved my juvenille leopard geckos. The second I put them in the cage they were going all over the place, and now they've settled down. They were exactly what I wanted and one of them has a great pattern, thank -you for the great selection, resonable prices and healthy animals , this is the first time I have ordered animals off of the internet, and I'm sure to be doing it again. I've got a friend looking for a good place to buy some geckos and I'll be sure to tell him about you guys. Thanks again!


    Derek on 2001-01-02

    To the LLLReptile team,

    Thank you for your great products and 

    service. We have dealt with other pet stores on the internet before and nobody has gave us customer service like LLLReptile has. It has been a pleasure to do business with the store. Our Bearded dragons we ordered came to us so healthy and alert, they ate as soon as we put them in the cage. And their colors and sex were exactly what we ordered, unlike other online comapanies.

    Thank you for caring about your customers, Scott R

    Scott R on 2000-12-11

    I want to thank you for the beautiful Rosy Boas. I got them at 10.00 am this morning. They are very nice and look very healthy. I appreciate you finding two females for me. They are already exploring their new home. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. You guys are 1st class. Thanks again. Ralph R

    Ralph R on 2000-11-27

    I received my baby sulcatta today, and I must say the thing is adorable! It arrived alive and active, and ate within seconds after removal from the box. I have been purchasing turtles from LLLreptile for a year now, and I must say... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Your animals are in the greatest condition! Thank you once again.

    Your loyal customer,


    Larry on 2000-11-14

    Dear Scott, Thanks! The leopard geckos are beautiful. I have only seen such precise and careful packaging of live material once before--while on the Organ Transplant Team in med school. It is a pleasure to order from LLL and I will continue to recommend your exquisite live specimens. All the best! Adam R., M.D.

    Adam R., M.D. on 2000-10-31

    Hey guys, Just recently received an order of Sulcatta Tortises from you guys. Man,are they healthy!!! I am VERY impressed, as are all of my customers! Thanks for the WONDERFUL service, and mostly for the ABSOLUTE BEST Sulcattas I've bought yet!!! You will definatly be hearing from me again soon! Thanks, Richard P, (Owner,Modern Jungle)

    Richard P on 2000-09-28