LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Hi Scott, I received the T. Merianae this morning just like you said. I am very impressed with your customer service and doubly impressed with your animals. This is the most healthy Tegu I've seen. She came out of the box shiny, fat, feisty and with a full stomach (and a care sheet!!!). I will recommend you to everyone as it is clear you care about the reptiles, not just the dollar. As soon as I have room I will be back for more reps. Thanx again. Sincerely, Jeremy H Oxnard, Ca

    Jeremy H on 2002-09-15

    Hey LLL, I just recieved my pair of Amazon Tree Boas. They have already settled in and are doing great. They have great colors and are in great shape. I will be using you for the rest of my Herping needs. Thanks alot Kevin Orangevale Ca

    Kevin on 2002-09-11

    Dear Sir or Madam, I live in Texas and recently bought 3 sandfish, two chameleons, a tarantula and a scorpion from you. All arrived in fine condition. Their eyes were clear and bright and they began eating right away. Your customer service people were very polite to me and cheerfully answered my questions and you also provided detailed care sheets for the animals that you sent. I really appreciate this service and look forward to purchasing more animals from you in the future. Paul L

    Paul L on 2002-09-10

    Hello, Just wanted to let you know I received my Ball Python and it is wonderful! It arrived in excellent condition and seems to be very comfortable in its new home. Thank you very much. Bill W

    Bill W on 2002-09-05

    Just dropping an email to let you know that our 2 baby balls arrived in perfect condition last Friday. They are beautifully colored and have both eaten within 2 days of arrival. Thanks for delivering what you advertised! GHals

    GHals on 2002-09-03

    My snakes arrived nice and early (like always) .The Luecistic Rat Snakes and Albino Cal. King are all in great shape and awesome looking .Keep up the GREAT work! I did'nt write you after my last order . The Kenyan's were beautiful and are doing great . Thanks Alan

    Alan on 2002-09-01

    Scott and Staff, Just wanted to let you know the Ringed Pythons arrived looking great. I appreciate your time and courtesy. Sincerely, Andrew

    Andrew on 2002-08-27

    "WOW" is all we have to say about our recent order from you. The Emerald Tree Boas are wonderfully docile and love to be handled. (That is a pleasant surprise) The Ball pythons that you substituted for the babies are sensational, and the Burmese are beautiful! We are also very happy with the Leopard geckos and our Bearded Dragon...they are all plump, well-fed and really good looking. Without a doubt, we will not only return to buy from you again, but we will recommend you to others. You went above and beyond what was expected to make our first time dealing with your company a good one, and we will remember that in the future! Sincerely, Mark & Valorie M

    Mark & Valorie M on 2002-08-25

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we received our Hermann tortoise about 3 weeks ago and he/she is doing great. I was amazed on how fast and efficiently we received it. He came out very alert and hungry. My 13 year old son Christopher loves him. Thank you Michelle H Uxbridge MA

    Michelle H on 2002-08-25

    Hey everybody at LLLReptile! Just wanted to let you know that my Female Russian Tortoise arrived today healthy and hungry! She looks really good and I am very impressed with your service and knowledge! If I ever decide to get Chub Chub and playmate I will make sure to order it from you guys! Thanks so much! ~Steve M Grosse Pointe Woods, Mi

    Steve M on 2002-08-21

    Just wanted to let you know the ball python I ordered from you guys is fantastic.!!!. After a few days of getting adjusted he was fine! He is super easy to handle and ate his first fuzzie 2 days after arriving. I am 110% satisified with him.. I've been recommending LLL Reptile to everyone. Thanks for everything. Jay Chicago, IL

    Jay on 2002-08-20

    The new female russian arrived a short while ago in wonderful shape. She poked her head out as soon as I got her out of her box. When I put her in her new home she walked right over to the food bowl, ate a few leaves before taking a stroll around the enclosure. After greeting the two males she found a nice pile of timothy grass and burried herself. Thanks for another healthy tortoise. Nancy PS I recommend you to everyone

    Anonymous Customer on 2002-08-20

    Hello, My two Sunburst Veiled Chameleons got here this morning and they look great! They were very happy to get into their new homes, and they were very hungry. Thanks a bunch, you guys are the best. Charlie Shawnee KS

    Charlie Shawnee on 2002-08-14

    I recieved my pair of azureus frogs, female collared lizards, and crested gecko and they all look very good! The dart frogs were eating fruitflies as soon as they hopped out of the cup! This is not my first order and will not be my last! Thanks Jared & Debbey

    Jared & Debbey on 2002-08-09

    I just wanted to drop you guys a line you are great I ordered my baby redtail Wednesday and got it Friday he is healthy active and totally awesome looking. Thanks for the great service you guys provided Astrid H.

    Astrid H on 2002-08-09

    Hi- This past week I received two baby veiled chameleons from you - they arrived happy and healthy, and are doing awesome! I will definitely patronize your store in the future. Thanks much, Zack B

    Zack B on 2002-08-09

    Hi, Scott, Thank you!! I just want to say Thank you for the nice crickets I got a week ago. They were Clean(didn't smell). They were healthy,fat and none were dead! AND the nice Screened BOX you sent was great and not Crushed. I have ordered from other places and they put them in those tubes, and they are always crushed and Most crickets are lost. THANK you for your service! Melissa L

    Melissa L on 2002-08-07

    I bought one of the African Rock Pythons at the show on Saturday. I just wanted to send you an email to tell you that it is a wonderful snake! Calmed down super fast and already ate. All in all a great snake and you have earned my respect from all my dumb questions that day. I will definatly be purchasing more from you in the future Ian V

    Ian V on 2002-08-05

    Hi, i bought 1.1 Liasis mackloti about a week ago. I bought the female first, then came back a few minutes later for the male. The first day they were biting like crazy. Now they rarely even strike. I just wanted to thank you for your service (really nice staff [i think it was Loren?]) and for the quality of the animals you sell. Today they took their first fuzzy mice after a few minutes in a deli cup. They have awesome coloration, with a beautiful irredescence. Once again, I am 100% satisfied with the animals you've sold me. Keep up the good work! -Kevin Scott Loyal customer

    Kevin Scott on 2002-08-04

    Hi I just had to let you all know that my female eastern collard lizard came in today . When you all said nice and special you meant it . I am more then happy with her and when I am looking for more lizards I will look here frist . So Thanks a lot and take care . Edward C.

    Edward C on 2002-07-31

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that around 5 months ago I bought a beatiful red female jackson chameleon and she is doing great. She adjusted well to her new enclosure and her new mate. On saturday I woke up and wanted to check on them and to my surprise there was 12 baby chameleons walking around the tank. Thanks for all the help, and you have a life long customer, Robert O

    Robert O on 2002-07-31

    Thank you very much for sending me a jackson's chameleon. It arrived healthy and attached to the terriam just fine, and he enjoys to climb on everything he is able to. So once again thank you sincerly joseph f

    joseph f on 2002-07-23

    Thanks for sending my savanna monitor in such good shape. He/she came out of his/her bag active, looked every inch of his/her home over and seems happy to be here. I love him/her. I had a bad experience with a supposed reputable reptile place here, and was a little nervous doing the mail order thing-but I'm glad that I did. Thanks again, Donna

    Donna on 2002-07-21

    Hi, I just got my Baby Ball Python this morning at 9:40. He looks really good and he's soooo cute! He looked me strait in the face as soon as I took him out of the box and is really active. I had a feeling that was hungry by how active he was so I went to my local pet store and got a fuzzy. He loved it! I guess you guys really mean it when you say that they are guaranteed feeders. Anyways I love your company and you can count on future business from me. Sincerly, Andrew G Scotia, N.Y.

    Andrew G on 2002-07-17

    I had purchased all of my chameleons and suplies from you since I got into the hobbie. Last week I decided to go with another company for me crickets because they were $1 cheaper. I was shorted on my crickets and never recieved the cricket feed that came with the special. What a mistake. You have always taken care of me and you now have a customer for life. Thanks.

    Anonymous Customer on 2002-07-12