Feeder Crickets, Worms, Rodents, Roaches, & More!

All of our feeder prices INCLUDE shipping charges! Be sure to check out our feeder guarantee and shipping schedule before you order

Live Crickets

Crickets to feed those ravenous insectivores. VitaBugs are scientifically proven to be a better overall feeder insect - and we offer those too!


Feeding worms in addition to other foods can help provide a more varied diet. We have several sizes and types to choose from.

Feeder Roaches

We carry a huge selection of Dubia Roaches (Blaptica dubia), Dubia food, dubia water, housing kits, dubia dishes, Madagascar Hissing Roaches & more. These are the IDEAL food source for Beardeds, Chameleons, Leopard Geckos, Monitors and more!

Fruit flies, Springtails & Isopods

Fruit flies, springtails and rice flour beetles are the perfect tiny food source for young lizards and frogs! We also carry the food for all three, along with kits to get you more bang for the buck. We offer a few types of isopods too!

Cricket and Roach Food

If you buy crickets, dubias and other live feeders in bulk, you will need to feed them just like any other animal. We offer the highest quality blends of cricket diets, Dubia Diets, water crystals and more!

Frozen mice

All sizes of mice for ultimate convenience.

Frozen rats

All sizes of rats for easy feeding.

Feeder Lizards

Feeder Anoles & House Geckos for finicky snakes. These are shipped live, and prices include UPS overnight shipping to your door!

Harvester Ants

Great food source for horned lizards!