Tarantula, Scorpion & Other Invert Supplies

We love all inverts here at LLL and carry a wide variety of products especially designed with them in mind!

  • $10.79 each

Size: 5 watts

Highlight your Scorpion, insect, and other invertebrates in the dark with the specialized Creatures™ LED Black Light. Works with the Creatures™ Dome Lamp Fixture. To be used periodically during nighttime hours.

  • $24.99 each

Size: 8.5”x 8.75”x 11.75”

The perfect bug-sized habitat for spiders, insects, and other invertebrate species. Starter kit includes substrate, décor, and Insect guide to help new keepers get started keeping their favorite creepy-crawly.

  • $39.99 each

Size: 10.5”x 20.5”x 8”

Start your creepy-crawlies right with the Zoo Med Creature Den Low Profile Starter Kit. Includes thermometers, décor, substrates, and an exclusive low-profile glass terrarium. Ideal for a variety of ground-dwelling Tarantulas, Insects, & other inverts!

  • $37.99 each

Size: 8 x 8 x 12"

Ultra compact terrarium. Perfect for amphibians and other small reptiles with all the features of the bigger Exo Terra Glass Terrariums!

  • $29.99 each

Size: 8 x 8 x 8"

Ultra compact terrarium. Perfect for amphibians and other small reptiles with all the features of the bigger Exo Terra Glass Terrariums!

  • $12.99 each

Size: 4 watts

The CreatureTherm™ is an easy to set up glass terrarium heater for Arachnids, Insects, and more. Helps maintain proper temperatures to keep your pets healthy. Always follow the included instructions when using an electrical device.

  • $1.89 each

Size: 1 quart loose substrate

Creatures™ Creature Soil is a safe, proprietary blend of natural materials, including Peta Moss, Soil, Sand, and Carbon. Great for a variety of creepy-crawlers, as well as natural plant life in habitats.

  • $7.79 each

Size: 5 watts

Light up your invertebrate’s habitat with the bright, energy efficient Creatures™ LED Lamp. Great for Daytime habitat lighting. Works with the Creatures Dome Lamp Fixture.

  • $12.99 each

The Creatures™ Dome Lamp Fixture is the perfect bug-sized lamp for a variety of Arachnid, Insect, and other Invertebrate species’ habitats. Works with the Creatures LED and Creatures LED Black Light. Maximum wattage – 40 watts

  • $6.99 each

The Creatures™ Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge allows for precise monitoring of both temperature and humidity in your invertebrate’s habitat. Easy to set up! Glows-in-the-Dark!

  • $0.99 each

Compressed/expandable coconut fiber substrate for invertebrate pet habitats. Ideal for spiders (including tarantulas), insects and other invertebrates. Increased humidity and promotes natural burrowing behaviors.

  • $3.79 each

Size: 2 pounds

All natural calcium carbonate substrate. Ideal for desert species of insects and other invertebrates. For increased humidity, mix with Creature Soil coconut substrate.

  • $5.99 each

Help bring some character to your pet’s habitat with the Creatures™ Cholla Branch. Great for insect climbing and cover. Glows-in-the-Dark!

  • $2.29 each

Variety pack of three unique flavors that insects love. Flavors include Banana, Brown Sugar, and Nectar. Simply peel the lid and place the cup in your pet’s habitat. Cups Fit perfectly in the Creatures™ Glow-in-the-Dark Rock Dish (sold separately)

  • $1.75 each

Special bug-sized Glow-in-the-Dark food or water dish for insects and other invertebrates. Built to fit one Creature Food Jelly Cup.

  • $2.29 each

Easily and safely feed Arachnids, Insects, and other Invertebrates with these Glow-in-the-Dark Feeding Tongs. Ideal for praying mantises, insects and other invertebrates. Safer for you and your creature pets.

  • $0.99 each
  • 10 for $9.00 ($0.90 each)
  • 20 for $16.00 ($0.80 each)
  • 50 for $35.00 ($0.70 each)

Size: 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 6 3/4"

Food grade container that measures 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 6 3/4". The lid has a 2 inch opening, half of which is is soft perforated cloth like material that allows plenty of air. The other half opens and shuts for easy access! Ideal for slings, mantis and more!