Other Pythons

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Old world constrictors ranging from a few feet in length to truly giant proportions. Many species make great pets and display animals. Green trees, retics, bloods, carpet pythons and many others are available.

Everything marked "CB" is captive bred. Anything not marked CB is not captive bred.

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Sub Adult Female Biak Green Tree Pythons
  • $569.99 (female)

Size: 45 - 59"

Species: Morelia viridis

  • $429.99 (male)

Size: 50"

Species: Morelia viridis

Very minor nip tail. Otherwise perfect and beautiful !

Adult Spotted Pythons
  • $279.99 (male)

Size: 40 - 54"

Species: Antaresia maculosa


Calabar Burrowing Pythons
  • $229.99 each

Size: 30 - 42"

Species: Calabaria reinhardtii

Adult Bredls Pythons
  • $349.99 (male)
  • $699.99 (pair)

Size: 5 - 6 feet

Species: Morelia bredli

Located in our escondido store.

CB **ONE PAIR IS AVAILABLE. SOLD AS MALE OR PAIR ONLY (female would be included with the pair). The first pictured is the male, the 2nd is the female. These are the exact ones! Male is 5 feet and female is 6 feet**

Baby Bangka Island Blood Pythons
  • $199.99 each

Size: 16 - 21"

Species: Python brongersmai

I Brake For Snakes Bumper Sticker
  • $0.25 each

Size: 10 x 3"

If you love your reptiles, you need this bumper sticker!

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