Aquatic Turtle Aquarium and Pond Accessories

Tetra Turtle Island Basking Platform Medium
  • $39.79 $29.99 each
    You save $9.80

Size: 10 x 8 x 11 inches

Create a natural basking area in your aquarium with the Tetra Fauna Turtle Island Platform. This platform automatically adjusts to varying water levels giving your aquatic turtle the perfect area to bask.

Aquatic Turtle Filters, Pumps and Powerheads

Tetra ReptoFilter Cartridges 3 Pack Large
  • $7.69 each

Size: For the 125 Gallon Filter

ReptoFilter® disposable filter cartridges use dense, dual-sided mesh to catch debris and waste while the Ultra-activated® carbon absorbs odors and discoloration. Available in medium and large sizes.

Stickers, Calendars, Posters, and other Gift Ideas

Insect Computer Mouse
  • $19.99 each

USB wired computer mouse with a killer insect inside! The insects VARY - you can not request a type. They are selected at random