LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Hey, I just put the uro in their new home. They’re already eating and loving the basking spot I made. I’ll keep you updated over the weekend. Thank you guys for the smooth customer service experience!

    Customer on 2024-06-13

    Thank you so much the baby blue iguana I got is healthy and beautiful I'm very happy with it I would order from you again

    Mark on 2024-05-31

    I got the large ledge in a few days ago and I meant to email sooner. Thank you guys SO much!!! This is beautiful and sp so kind and generous of your company. I greatly appreciate the customer service I have received. Your company rocks!! I always tell my customer (fruit fly cultures) to get their cups and lids from LLL Reptile. I love your products and this customer service just took you over the edge of AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

    Customer on 2024-05-05

    We received our little guy and are totally in love. Thank you and we really appreciate what you do!

    Ingrid on 2024-05-01

    Thanks again, yellow monitor arrived doing fine. Very sweet baby, and not afraid to eat, either. Very pleased, he is perfect.

    Customer on 2024-02-21

    My go to place for tarantula and spider stuff. Nick is incredibly helpful when it comes tarantulas. I originally went in looking for jumping spiders and eventually purchased two from them. The first one I purchased from them they extended their 3 day policy to a week since I was a beginner and I thought that was very generous of them. I later went back and got my first tarantula sling (a tliltoctl verdezi) from them a few weeks ago. I still frequent the place for feeders and to check out their spider and tarantula inventory. I really appreciate the advice given and how knowledgeable they are when it comes to arachnid care, and I definitely plan on getting more tarantulas from them!

    Tess on 2024-02-18

    We got our newest family member from here for Christmas and we couldn't be happier. She's beautiful and the customer service was FANTASTIC. They answered all our questions and made customers for life.

    KW on 2024-02-16

    I just received my shipment. I ordered 10 feeder anoles. I don't typically do this, but I was thoroughly impressed enough I had to reach out. My anoles arrived promptly, alive, and well packaged. Not only that but they are a great size and in what seems like excellent health! What grabs me the most though is that I got all this for an amazing price!

    Customer on 2023-12-19

    I was hesitant about ordering an animal from the other side of the county. When your shipment arrived I opened the plastic container and the turtle literally jumped out. I put her in a water environment and she is gorging on live mealworms. To say I'm pleased would be an understatement. This animal arrived in fantastic health and shape. From now on, LLLReptile will have all my business. Thank you for a wonderful pet.

    RT on 2023-11-30

    thank you once again for another perfect order! The monitor is beautiful and friendly, like all my pets I get from you he will be most charished

    Scott on 2023-11-21

    Omg I just got my baby order today and I can't even come down from cloud 9 these babies are perfect 😍 I'm already in love thank you soon much I only shop with you from now on super happy

    customer on 2023-11-02

    Thank you LLL, I ordered a sri lankin star tortoise from you and he is doing great. I was really worried because a winter storm hit unexpectedly and the temps were in the teens. The little guy arrived safe and sound. He eats great and is very active.

    Customer on 2023-10-26

    Hey thank you so much for your help. I got my false water cobra today and she looks wonderful. Crawling around her 4x2 enclosure and exploring every bit. I handled her a little bit this morning and we had a great session. Now I will let her settle for a few days before I give a fuzzy! Thanks again for everything.

    PK on 2023-10-24

    Thank you all so much for answering all my questions this week!! Truly we have had the best experience with LLL Reptile!!!

    Beth on 2023-10-17

    We've gotten two pets from this store so far. A leopard gecko and a rough green snake and both experiences have been great. The staff answered all of our questions and are very friendly and helpful. Despite being first-time reptile owners both animals have lived great lives under our care. Thanks LLLReptile!

    Eleanor A on 2023-10-01

    I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the beautiful hognose snake I received from you guys this morning. He seems healthy and the information you provided in regard to his last meal was very helpful. I can't wait for him to get acclimated to his new home here with us. I've been researching hognoses for months now and, as far as I can tell, you have provided us with an immaculate animal. I can't thank you enough!

    Joanna on 2023-07-27

    I received my animals earlier today. I believe I have just seen the 2 most beautiful lizards ever! The painted agama is stunning and already letting me hold him/her.

    Customer on 2023-07-20

    I received my tortoise yesterday. It has been very active and eating and drinking good. I love it so much. Thank you for you fast shipping and insuring that my tort was sent safely.

    April on 2023-07-15

    I just received the little Russian tortoise this morning at my workplace. She is alert and looks adorable. She is exploring in a large box by the window until I can get her home. She is eating some clover and greens I had harvested for her. Thank you again.

    Janice on 2023-07-11

    ..just want to leave a review of my gorgeous reptile, it came out gorgeous -thank you very much... love my new gecko.

    Slyvia on 2023-06-29

    The animals arrived today in great condition, even with a shipping delay on the part of UPS. I would like to pass along how much I appreciate your customer service. You all have set the bar here. Tremendous. While visiting family in Escondido we'd always stop by your store. Through the years it was a high point for our kids, and clearly for me too. It is great to be your customer once again. While we can't compete with your climate, our new additions will thrive in their custom outdoor and indoor enclosures here in New England.

    Rich S on 2023-06-20

    As a beginner to the world of keeping dart frogs, I could not have succeeded without the help & support of LLL Reptile. They were quick to respond to any and all questions I had; either via email or phone. They were informative and helpful.

    I would say to anyone wanting to get into this highly rewarding hobby: you'll need all the advice you can get. And who better than the very people you're buying your froggies from.

    Highly recommend LLL reptile.

    Matt on 2023-06-12

    I just want to say thank you! My new Leo is thriving and is very active and curious. LLL reptiles never disappoints. All of my animals that I have purchased are doing fantastic! Definitely recommend to new reptile enthusiasts and owners.

    Customer on 2023-06-10

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you for the live plants order! They're awesome and came in fast! Will be ordering again soon!

    Customer on 2023-05-18

    LLL is literally the best business of its kind I’ve personally dealt with. Even when a problem seldom occurs, LLL is clearly committed to stand by their customers and their animals. I look forward to doing business together in the continued future and will continue to recommend LLL Reptiles to my many friends, family, and acquaintances that commune over the trade/hobby.

    Brian on 2023-05-02