Cornsnakes and Ratsnakes

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Size: 46 pages

Care, breeding info, photos. by RD Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett, 46 pages. **CLEARANCE. Order this book with a live reptile order and it can be shipped WITH your animals for no extra shipping charge!!**

Reptile Water Bowls & Food Dishes

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Size: 6 x 4.5 x 1.5"

The boulder dishes are extremely rugged looking and fit in perfectly with almost any reptile vivarium! Their texture and features are excellent aides for shedding. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe!

Lizard, Monitor & Gecko Dry and Canned Foods

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Size: 2.5 ounces

For all fruit/nectar feeding geckos including Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp.) and Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus sp.). Enriched with vitamins.

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Size: .4 ounces (11.3g)

A natural blend of flavoring agents and small-size laboratory raised insects.

Tortoise and Turtle Dry and Canned Foods

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Size: 1.75oz

*Sandfire Super Foods* Completes the nutritional value of veggies. This is to be used every feeding. Just dust your veggies, and feed! This is specifically designed for tortoises

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Size: 2.15oz

This food is formulated for aquatic turtles with a shell length of 2 inches (5 cm) or larger. **SUPER SALE. SEE DETAILS INSIDE**

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Size: 2oz

A soft moist food designed for baby tortoises! Nature Zone soft foods are formulated with natural fruit flavors to attract even the finicky feeders. All natural ingredients including things like cactus pears, berries, vitamins and much more!

Iguana Dry and Canned Foods

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Size: 20 oz

Zoo Med's new Natural Juvenile Iguana Food and Adult Iguana Food with added vitamins and minerals, have been carefully formulated by PhD nutritionists to meet the nutritional needs of Iguanas at each stage of life.

Reptile Calcium & Vitamins

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Size: 3oz

Our Micro Fine Vitamin Supplement powder. Contains both Preformed Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.

Reptile Incubators

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Size: 104 inches

Good option for a power backup for your Exo Terra incubator (ONLY works with this incubator). It allows you to plug your incubator into your car outlet if necessary.

Aquatic Turtle Filters, Pumps and Powerheads

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Size: Fits most 20 - 55 gallon tanks

Fits most 20- to 55-gallon aquariums. Realistic waterfall and riverbed basking area. 80-GPH submersible pump powers waterfall and provides all the power needed for the built-in 3-stage Whisper® filtration technology.

Reptile Husbandry Tools

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Set of 4 sexing probes in a nice case

Reptile Toys, Ant Farms, Insect Collection Kits

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Size: 11 x 6 x 12"

Now you can discover and learn about the awesome T. rex dinosaurs that once ruled the Earth with this realistic replica of an excavated T. rex skull! Turn on the red LED light and project an amazing T.rex wall imag


  • $105.99 $85.00 each
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Size: 5 Gallons. 17.2" L X 10.6" W X 6.3"

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is a contemporary looking aquarium designed for small areas such as desktops and countertops. This 5 gallon etched-glass aquarium with aluminum trim combines style and functionality in one small package.

Lizards, Monitors, Chameleon Books

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Size: 74 pages

Written by an experienced herp vet, for the average hobbyist. **CLEARANCE. Order this book with a live reptile order and it can be shipped WITH your animals for no extra shipping charge!!**

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Size: 247 pages

By Daniel Beck

  • $39.99 $35.00 each
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Size: 165 pages

Comprehensive guide to the lizards of Italy, organised into species accounts and covering the Anguidae, Chamaeleonidae, Gekkonidae, Lacertidae and Scincidae.

Snake Books

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Size: 312 pages

by Ruud de Lang and Gernot Vogel

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Size: 101 pages. Hardcover

By Greg Maxwell. In The More Complete Chondro, internationally known "chondro" breeder Greg Maxwell provides a through reference about this beautiful and challenging species.

Turtle and Tortoise Books

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Size: 64 pages

Hartmut Wilke, 63 pages.

  • $55.00 $45.00 each
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Size: 209 pages

By John Van Denburgh - 205 photos and tons of great info

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Size: 270 pages

By Manfred Rogner. Hard back.

  • $99.00 $65.00 each
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Size: 618 pages - hardback

Turtles Proceedings: International Turtle and Tortoise Symposium, Vienna 2002 Edited by H Artner, B Farkas and V Loehr **SPECIAL. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**

Amphibian Books

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This is the first book to cover all the poison frogs in detail. All 65 species of Dendrobates, Epipedobates, Minyobates, and Phyllobates are discussed, with extensive coverage of the dozen species that are best known to naturalists and hobbyists alike.

Medical Books, Encyclopedias, and Misc.

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Size: 364 pages. Hard cover

By Felix Baier, David Sparrow and Hans-Jorg Wiedl. Glossary, extensive bibliography, identification keys.

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Size: 350 pages

By Gabriel Ugueto & Gilson Rivas. Hardback. Intended to facilitate the identification of the 50 species of amphibians and reptiles occurring on the Venezuelan islands of Margarita, Coche and Cubagua.