AVS Books

Lizards, Monitors, Chameleon Books

The Bearded Dragon Manual
  • $11.99 each

Size: 174 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli, Robert Mailoux, Susan Donoghue, Roger Klingenberg, DVM, Jerry Cole

Chameleons Book
  • $8.59 each

Size: 148 pages

By: Gary Ferguson, Kenneth Kalisch, and Sean Mckeown

The Green Iguana Manual
  • $6.99 each

Size: 112 pages

This compact manual offers thorough coverage of proper green iguana housing and nutrition, as well as extensive tips for addressing medical and behavioral problems.

Savannah and Grassland Monitors
  • $6.59 each

Size: 70 pages

By Robert George Sprackland, PH.D.

Blue Tongue Skinks Book
  • $11.99 each

Size: 160 pages

By David C. Wareham. Blue-Tongued Skinks addresses every question that may arise when caring for a blue-tongued skink, including the breed's history, care, feeding and vivarium needs

  • $9.99 each

Size: 120 pages

By: Russ Case

The Lizard Keepers Handbook
  • $9.49 each

Size: 208 pages

By: Philippe De Vosjoli

Gecko Books

The Leopard Gecko Manual
  • $11.99 each

Size: 95 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli, Brian Viets, Ron Tremper, Roger Klingenberg, DVM.

Geckos Book
  • $10.59 $6.99 each
    You save $3.60

Complete gecko guide Written by global experts A practical keepers guide Brilliant gift for animal enthusiasts The result of extensive research

Snake Books

The Ball Python Manual
  • $6.59 each

Size: 88 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli, Roger Klingenberg, DVM, David Barker, Tracy Barker

Burmese Pythons Manual
  • $6.59 each

Size: 80 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli and Roger Kilingenberg, D.V.M

Boa Constrictor Manual
  • $5.79 each

Philippe de Vosjoli, 106 pages

Common Kingsnakes
  • $6.59 each

Size: 71 pages

By: David Perlowin

Garter and Water Snakes
  • $6.59 each

Size: 88 pages

By: David Perlowin

  • $6.99 each

Size: 127 pages

This book provides essential information on every variety of milksnake, plus instructions on long-term care and maintenance. Milksnakes includes information on housing, selection, diet, breeding, health, and much more.

Cornsnakes-The Comprehensive Owners Guide
  • $10.99 each

Size: 227 pages

By: Bill & Kathy Love

  • $9.99 each

Size: 120 pages

By: Russ Case

Turtle and Tortoise Books

The Box Turtle Manual
  • $6.59 each

Size: 78 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli and Roger Klingenberg, D.V.M.

Red Eared Sliders Care Book
  • $5.99 each

Size: 64 pages

Philippe de Vosjoli. Also covers Painted, Mud & Musk Turtles!

Turtles & Tortoises-A Fun Filled Guide
  • $9.99 each

Size: 128 pages

By: Russ Case

Invertebrate Books

Land Hermit Crabs
  • $3.99 each

Size: 56 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli