Vision Cages, Racks & Tubs

Vision Cages are lightweight enclosures designed and manufactured by reptile enthusiasts. They are made with a molded one piece construction from durable impact-resistant polyethylene. This makes them easy to clean (chemical resistant), and easy to light and heat. They are molded to allow easy light attachment. Most models have a heat lamp shroud built directly in.

All models are stackable with like models, great for conserving space if you have lots of reptiles. This feature alone makes them well worth the price. No more cages spread about everywhere! You can keep all your herps in one area for easier care and better display.

If you ever go to our stores, you will see that we use Vision Cages almost exclusively, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Vision Cages and Tubs

Vision cages are arguably the best reptile cages on the market! They are stackable, easy to clean, look beautiful and come in a wide variety of sizes! Vision tubs are ideal for tortoises and outdoor breeding projects

Vision Cage Packages

Our Vision cage setups include everything to get your new reptile started.

Reptile Breeding Racks

Reptile Racks including Vision Racks, Reptile Basics racks & more!