LLLReptile customer testimonials

    I got the Boa early this morning. He is a nice looking snake just like you said .He's in great shape, really healthy looking. This is not the first snake I've bought from you & it won't be the last. Great service from coast to coast. I called the order in about 3:00pm and had the snake by 9:30 am .Not bad time from CA. to NY. ! Thanks. Alan

    Alan on 2002-07-09

    hello i order crix on a monthly basis and supplies as well for about a year now. i thought it was about time to thank you guys for the wonderful service. you have never failed in getting me my crix and i live in BFE. they are always healthy and alive and your company is by far they best cricket source i have had in the last 15 years of breeding. again thanks so much i am avery happy customer and will continue to use your company . keep up the good work kathleen Index,wa

    Kathleen on 2002-06-27

    My Name is LaDonna Jones I order two Baby Ball Pythons and one Columbian Red-Tailed Baby Boa, I must say they were the heathiest reptiles and most active reptiles I have ever saw!!! Before I ordered from you I bought a Columbian Red-Tailed boa maybe 3 weeks before I found out about your Great Company, and My Snake that I bought from a well known Serpent Company.....got sick after two days it had mites also it could not hold down it's mice be it pinkies or fuzzies they would NOT trade or refund my money and I had to take my Boa to the Vet twice so far. The Boa I ordered from you are WAY more active it shows in comparison and the price was at least $60 dollars lower! My only regret is that I did not find out about you sooner I look forward to furture orders with you THANKS !!!!!

    LaDonna Jones on 2002-06-05

    Hey there guys, Just wanted to send you an email letting you know that i think your store is the best! Ive been there twice, and everytime i walk out with a smile on my face. You guys have a great staff and even better reptiles!! I couldnt be happier with my leopard geckos and red tail boa. The reptarium is also great! Ill gladly drive 3 hours (barstow, ca) to visit you guys, although you really need a store up in the high desert!! We desperatly need a good reptile store here. Keep up the great work!! Look forward to seeing you at the show this weekend!


    Jeff on 2002-05-19

    Dear LLL Reptile, I would like to thank you for the outstanding service and animals that you and your staff provide. In the last 2 weeks I have purchased 4 snakes from your company without any regrets. The snakes have arrived in excellent health, and with a hardy appetite. I really want to thank your company for the low prices it offers; after hours of surfing the web for the best prices, I am confident to say that I have to look no further than to www.lllreptile.com . I have recently changed my homepage to your web address since you always have unbeatable deals!! Thank you for everything and I will definetly do business with you again!!

    Sincerely, Gonzalo P Tullahoma, TN

    Gonzalo P on 2002-04-10

    I got my animal package this morning. First let me say that i've ordered from you guys around 6 or 7 times. I only once had a problem with fruit flies that died. When I told you guys what happened you sent me 1000 live flies for NO CHARGE. LLLReptile is always going to be the place where i order from. Today i got my baby veiled chameleon who is searching around his enclosure right now. Definitely a hardy looking baby. The True Zebra Tarantula already ate!! The Baboon spider is really cool too!!! The baby Cal king is totally awesome and tame!!! I wish it wasn't for a friend of mine :( ...Thanks for the GREAT order. Expect more orders from me in the future!!! Thanks, Dan D

    Dan D on 2002-03-31

    To all, Last summer I had bought an african rock python from you guys. It was just short of 3 ft when I bought it and now it is almost 4 feet in length. I havent sexed it yet, but it is named Rocky. It has an excellent temperament. Rocky still has days where she feels like being cranky, but for the most part she has a temperament similar to that of a ball python. I am very happy with the snake and the probe kit that i had ordered from you guys last year has become a most useful tool set. In fact someone has invited me to help him probe his snakes. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Melanie

    Melanie on 2002-03-18

    Hey, Just wanted to let you know that my geckos arrived this morning! What a cool packing job! I liked the detailed instructions too. The little guys seem really at home in their new environment. I was so impressed with the quality of the reptarium and all the supplies that we bought from you before the geckos came. Your prices are fantastic, even taking into consideration the shipping fees on such a large item, it is still much less than what we would have paid around here PLUS the quality isn't nearly as good as yours. You will definitely will get my repeat business.

    thanks so much,


    Lorette on 2002-02-18

    Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your business. Since first ordering my first leopard geckos from you we have been very pleased with your promptness and helpfulness in providing information and delivery of orders. Since our first order of leopard geckos we have also ordered 9 leopard geckos, 2 baby veiled chameleons, 1 male Jackson's chameleon,a san luis potosi kingsnake, and many supplies. All animals have arrived in wonderful condition and all have eaten almost immediately even the chameleons, the Jackson's ate a cricket from my hand 10 minutes after arrival. My last order this past week was for an incubator because my geckos are starting to lay eggs and we have some incubating now. Again thanks for all your informative help and we look forward to doing more business in the future. CHAD & VIRGINIA Roanoke, VA

    Chad and Virginia on 2002-02-03

    Hello, and Thank you guys so much for my baby veiled chameleon. He is so cute, and was active as soon as i took him out...Little shy right now though. He arrived 10am today and was nicely kept. Thanks and I'll be buying everything from you guys (honest)

    sincerely carlos s tampa, Fl

    Carlos S on 2002-01-29

    If this is your first time checking out LLLReptile I'm glad to be one of the first to tell you that LLLReptile is as good as they get. Their service is unmatched, the quality of their animals is second to none. I recently received a DiamondxJungle Carpet Python and he is already tame and looking unbelievable. I also have Leopard and Sulcatta tortoises that have never given me any trouble, and are doing great. I get my supplies form LLLReptile because of the prices and selection, I even order supplies for the public aquarium I work for. With all the different dealers out there it is nice to now that their is at least one company you can always count on for quality animals and service. I will only use LLLReptile for both myself and the aquarium.

    Customer for life, Andrew Knoxville, TN

    Andrew on 2002-01-09

    To the folks at LLL: Thanks for my order! A few days ago, I received my 2 new reptariums, and I am so excited!! My animals moved in yesterday, and they seem so happy. I appreciate the timeliness of the delivery (even in the middle of the X-mas season), and I'm really impressed with your prices. I ordered 2 reptariums (a 38 and a 22) and a softray (22-long). These supplies alone would have cost me over $115 (plus tax) at the local Pet Smart. I got all the above plus a t-shirt and s&h for only $90!! I am simply amazed, and I can't wait to need more pet supplies! Keep up the good work!

    Gayle S North Carolina

    Gayle S on 2002-01-01

    Hello from NC, I was very skeptical buying from CA due to living in a small town in the Western North Carolina Mountains. But my two Veiled Chameleons arrived healthy and happy in the UPS truck. They are gorgeous and very cute!! My kids were so excited when they arrived and as soon as they were unpacked they started crawling around like they owned the place. We have named them Lucy and Linus after the Peanuts and I think they will be a welcome part of the family. They are my Christmas present and I am so thrilled!! Thank you and I will be staying in touch for pointers. One question is what are you feeding them so I can keep their colors as vibrant as when they arrived? Thanks again Chris, Gerri, Krystal, Alissa and Hunter From Highlands NC

    Chris, Gerri, Krystal, Alissa and Hunter on 2001-12-06

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in the aqcuisition of my new Albino Burmese python. I have ordered animals from various dealers in the past and no transaction has been executed with the speed, professionalism and courteousness than the one I recently participated in with LLL. It is a rareity in any industry that a consumer can make a purchase, merchandise sight unseen, and be completely satisfied. Oh, I failed to mention that the animal is of exceptional quality as well. Kate, you have good taste in Albino Burms!! It must be due to your Michigan heritage :) Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Shameless plug: If you are looking for a better/cheaper web-hosting solution or ever plan on upgrading your website (ie more functionality or different site design) please let me know.

    Anonymous Customer on 2001-10-15

    Hi there,

    I live about 2 blocks from a pet store. I could walk there if I really wanted. I could pester them about ordering me an exotic or two & I'm sure it would cost me (and the exotic) an arm & a leg. So, when I came across your website & saw that you had a deal on Rose Tarantulas (5 for $20.00) I was like "No Way!" I placed my order & was soon after contacted by a friendly member of your staff to confirm the shipment. I must say, I was a bit weary about the whole thing. I expected fo find a few D.O.A.'s when I opened the box. Not so! All my tarantulas arrived on schedule & very healthy. I can't imagine being put into a box & shipped off somewhere. But If I were, I'd prefer your method. I can see you use the utmost care with your packaging & it's probably worth more than you charge. Also, the variety in my tarantula's sizes was a nice surprise! These guys are about juvenile age I'd guess, but I like the variety - A couple little guys, A couple big ones & a middle child to round it all off...Beautiful little monsters they are. They're extremely energetic & have be bouncing all over the place. One of them killed two crickets simultaneously! Another eats while clinging to the side of his tank. And I've never seen a tarantula persue it's prey so ferociously as my littlest Rose. He chased a cricket all through the moss in his tank & that was that... Anyway, Thank you so much for the wonderful, fast & friendly service. You have my vote. I will definately be returning. Thanks again!

    Kieth R Fort Bragg, Ca.

    Kieth R on 2001-10-10

    Hello. I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and all of the reptiles and amphibians are in perfect condition! They are all thriving. As always, your customer service is fantastic!

    Thank You!

    Mineka H / Michigan

    Mineka H on 2001-10-01

    Hello, The Solomon Island skink I ordered on Monday arrived this morning safe and sound in spite of the unpredictably cold weather we're experiencing here in Michigan. After being moved to his quarantine quarters, he immediately rehydrated in his water bowl, which reminded me of the T-rex drinking out of the swimming pool from Jurassic Park II, and dug into his first meal of greens, Reed's Iguana goop and mixed veggies. He's dozing under a log right now, no doubt sleeping off the heavy meal.

    I just wanted to say thanks much for your expedient service and I'll be in touch before winter to purchase another.

    Warmest regards,

    --Joseph C.

    Joseph C. on 2001-08-23

    Dear Reptile Dealer and Supplier,

    I've just gotten my emperor scorpions today and I thought they were the greatest. I must admit, you guys are good at what you do. My emperor scorpion came and the males and females where in different bags, so I can tell which bag was the females and males in because they had markings on it to tell me. Other dealers and suppliers wouldn't care, the only thing they care about is the money and the amount of customers they get. You guys seem to also care about the pets you're selling, because my emperor scorpion came without a scratch and was fat and healthy as you can see in their behavior and color. Thanks for the emperor scorpion. Oh yeah, you guys are so nice over the telephone and you've helped me a lot.

    James T.

    James T. on 2001-08-13

    Dear Scott and LLL, My albino corn snake arrived today right on schedule. Once again, I am simply amazed. I really didnt expect the quality upon arrival to be as outstanding as it was. She was so alert right when I took her out. The color is AMAZING!! The best albino I have ever had! She is healthy and was well cared for. Once again you have amazed me. My chameleon from last year is still beautiful and healthy. Your animals are great. Im getting a pair of beardeds this week. I think i know where to get them from!! Thanks again! Jeff C Beverly, MA

    Jeff C on 2001-08-07

    I just wanted to say thank you on my purchase of two great snakes. I bought an Albino Burmese Python and a Red Tail Columbian Boa. Both are incredible looking snakes and I was very happy with my purchase and plan to do all my business with you in the future. I was also very impressed with the time spent in answering all of my questions with my snakes or any other concerns I had with proper care etc... Most businesses end with the purchase but with LLLReptile I have E-mailed them with questions on care for my snakes and they responded to them all. This really showed me they care and are willing to take extra time and effort that is impossible to find anywhere else. You have a customer for a long time to come and I just wanted to say Thank-you. Robert

    Robert on 2001-07-16

    To all at LLLReptile, I haven't ordered an animal from you guys yet, but i have been ordering crickets. I have been ordering them from you guys for a few months now and I am very pleased with it. I work at a petstore and get a discount, but it still doesnt beat your prices. They make it here to my home in general good time and they are always alive, even in this hot Louisiana weather. Thank you very much for such great service. From, Melanie Louisiana P.S. I do plan on doing business with you guys for a long time and I recommend you to everyone I talk to.

    Melanie on 2001-07-08

    Hi, I would just like to say thanks for the professionalism. I recieved my male Veiled Chameleon right on time. He was alert, and active right out of the box. He keeps looking at me from the corner of his eye. He does seem a bit stressed, but who wouldn't be from a trip to Boston from California? Anyway, I thought my reptile guy was good, LLL is better, and I will be doing much business with them in the future. Thanks again. Jamie

    Jamie on 2001-06-14

    Dear Reptile Supply, I want to thank you for your wonderful services! Locally we only have two pet stores. One deals with fish, the other with pretty much all small things. But neither care about thier customer or pets and do not carry supplies for our pets or even the ones they sell!!! They force us to drive an hour away to a pet store to get crickets, mealworms and other feeder supplies. I found your web page and have been buying from you ever since! You carry a wonderful sellection of feeder supplies in the amounts and sizes we need. Thank you for being a wonderful online pet store to us. I thank God for the internet in times like this! Also we ordered a baby bearded dragon about a year ago from you...she is doing wonderful and loves sharing her home with Benard (I think they have a crush on each other LOL :).

    Thanks for everything! The Hasbells in Oklahoma

    The Hasbells on 2001-06-06

    Hi, just to let you know the baby snow you sent me has arrived, and is doing great, he took a drink and ate some babyfood/vitamin/pellet mixture, then an hour later i offered crickets, he scarfed those crix right down! So far so good! I had a reptile carpet (fake grass) in his feeding cage, and he was sooo funny, would chase a crix, then try to walk holding his toes up in the air so he didn't touch the grass...all 4 feet! Only here an hour and already being picky...lol I was suprised, he is so tame, not afraid of us at all. In fact does not want to go in his cage...runs up my arm, cool. 2 of my other babies were very scared and it took a while to calm them down, it is so nice that he is ok, and calm. Thanks, Sandy aka dragonhealer in chat/forums

    Sandy on 2001-05-22

    To the LLL crew, I would like to take the time and say thank-you for being here on the web as well as in California. My wife and I ordered a perfectly beautiful Columbian Red-Tail Boa from you this week (thursday afternoon) and we are amazed at your speed and quality!! He arrived 9:00 am Friday the next day!!! WOW!! He is in perfect condition and could not have been in any better shape had I bought him here Localy. (2500 miles from you in Texas!) We are very pleased with the color and quality and love the guarantee he has!!! Little Olympus is doing well and we WILL Be buying Stacie's baby veiled chameleons from you soon!!! No matter what You're prices are the best and delivery and quality is tip top!!! Thank-you once again

    Greg and Stacie in Texas (and lil' Olympus)

    Greg and Stacie on 2001-05-18