Gecko Books

There is no lack of information on this popular and diverse group of lizards. We have a large selection of books covering all aspects of the captive care and breeding of many species.

The Leopard Gecko Manual
  • $11.99 each

Size: 95 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli, Brian Viets, Ron Tremper, Roger Klingenberg, DVM.

The Leopard Gecko in Captivity
  • $8.99 each

Size: 105 pages

By: Robbie Hamper

Leopard Geckos
  • $9.99 each

Size: 128 pages

By Gerold and Cindy Merker with Julie Bergman and Tom Mazorlig

Geckos Book
  • $10.59 $6.99 each
    You save $3.60

Complete gecko guide Written by global experts A practical keepers guide Brilliant gift for animal enthusiasts The result of extensive research

Crested Geckos In Captivity
  • $8.99 each

Size: 102 pages

By: Robbie Hamper