LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Recieved the baby Sulcatta Tortoise December 23rd. Phew, just in time for xmas. I was very excited and nervous. I was concerned about his arrival to Massachusetts, Brrrrrrr. He was all bundled up, started eating within hours and hasn't stopped. We all love him. Even the UPS men were impressed with him. Thank you for being such a trustworthy and caring reptile supplier. Happy future for the year 2000. Thomas and Family, Massachusetts

    Thomas on 2000-01-06

    I would like to pesonally thank all persons involved in the shipment of our bearded lizard, we received it in excellent condition and health, even with such short notice(three days before xmas)we received it the following day, warm and comfy professionally packaged, once again thanks to all for completing our xmas. KEB FROM NEW JERSEY

    Keb on 1999-12-22

    Hi Scott, Got the quad today. He arrived in great shape and is the nicest w.c. quadricornis that I have seen yet. Thanks! Mike F

    Mike F on 1999-11-17

    Hey guys- Well, we received our Veiled chameleons yesterday and they are as happy as can be. Unexpectedly, their appetites were not hindered in any way from the trip. They adapted instantly and already enjoy their new surroundings. We wanted to thank you guys once again for your excellence in service and in the care and packaging of the chameleons right down to the ice pack to control their temperatures. You still impress us by going beyond expectations- even for you guys!

    Thanks always- Niki & Wade B

    Niki & Wade B on 1999-10-21

    Hi Scott, Just a note to say thanks for your help and information. My baby Sulcata arrived early this morning and is doing fine. He is very active between exploring his new home and eating. I look forward to making future purchases with LLL Reptile. Thanks again!!

    Sincerely, Frank B

    Frank B on 1999-09-29

    I just recieved my order. All 4 turtles ate immediately, appear healthy and seem to be in good shape. The packaging was ingenious and very secure which I am sure the turtles appreciated over the 2000 mile trip. Not bad. Not bad at all. Dale

    Dale on 1999-09-13

    I just wanted to tell you what a great store you have. I have enjoyed all of my visits there. The Bearded Dragon that I bought on May 1 is doing great! The male Giant Day Gecko that I bought on the same day mated with my female almost immediately. She laid two eggs on June 12, and both of them hatched yesterday, Friday, August 6. I was in the store again last week and bought a beautiful high yellow adult female Leopard Gecko. She seems to have adjusted nicely to her new home and mate. I hope to get a pair of Gold Dust Day geckos from your store next. I will keep checking the website for availability.

    Thanks again for the great reptiles!

    Jim Indio, California

    Jim on 1999-08-07

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was upon receiving my first Albino Burmese Python. It came in in great condition and seems to be very happy and show how great you folks took care of it. I was very excited upon opening the bag and the snake just crawled out onto my hand with no fear. I will definiately recommend you folks to any who asks and will be looking forward to doing business with you guys later. I would also like to thank the people who answered my questions the other day they were very helpful and patient. Thank you guys once again. I will definiately keep in touch!! Sincerly, Gally

    Gally on 1999-07-20

    I just wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with the pigmy leaf chameleons we recieved from you last week. They ate about a dozen crickets within about five minutes of arrival. The female was apparently gravid when she was sent, as she has laid eggs. We hope to have really tiny babies soon. Thank you.

    Doug and Camille

    Doug and Camille on 1999-07-17

    Hey Scott Just wanted to say thanks once again for the great care that went in to the selection and packing of my animals. The two veiled chameleons arrived on time and in great health. You guys are amazing ! This is about my 5th animal order with you and I have yet to receive an animal that wasn't in perfect health. I really appreciate your dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Consider me a permanent customer ! Thanks Carl - Orlando Fl

    Carl on 1999-07-12

    I received the savannah monitor I bid on, yesterday. He was in perfect condition. Thanks for your great service, i will not hesitate to reccommend you to others.

    very satisfied customer, Jason b

    Jason b. on 1999-07-06

    I got my baby sulcata this morning and am very happy! He is happy and healthy and in wonderful condition! He was packaged so well that he came through his trip just fine! Horatio ate within minutes of arrival (and hasn't stopped!) and has been exploring his new home ever since. I am really pleased with your company, you were friendly and helpful everytime I called or e-mailed with a question. I'll definitely be placing more orders in the future! :)


    Elisabeth on 1999-06-16

    I just wanted to thank you for such prompt and curtious service. I sent out about 20 mailings similar to the one you recieved and I found your company to have the best customer service by far. I work in the restaurant business where customer service is our #1 issue and its nice to see someone else with the same concerns. Once again thank you and I cant wait to meet my new frogs. Sincerely, Aaron

    Aaron on 1999-06-07

    Scott, All the animals are alive and kicking they are AWESOME. Thanks a million there great. I'll be sure to order from you guys for all my further reptile needs!!

    Sincerly, Preston G

    Preston G on 1999-05-27

    Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thanks for making the extra effort to locate the LTC Kinixys belliana for me. She's a real beauty! This was my first order, but it won't be my last.

    Michael K

    Michael K on 1999-05-13

    Hey guys. Thank you sooo much! I just got the two sulcatta tortoises I ordered from you today. they are more beautiful then i could have ever imagined. They arrived on time, very healthy, and hungry! I also recieved the leucistic texas rat snake i ordered form you today. SPECTACULAR!!! Im very impressed at the condition of all the animals you sold me. I look forword to ordering more herps from you in the near future.

    Thanks for everything, Adam

    Adam on 1999-05-06

    Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new ball python! Not only is he a handsome fellow but he seems quite undisturbed by my novice handling and care. He's settled in nicely in the past week and has already eaten. (With gusto!) Thanks for being so patient with me and answering my numerous questions.

    Another satisfied ~and future ;-) ~customer, Lorrie

    Lorrie on 1999-04-27

    Hi, LLL Reptile You guys are the BEST!!!!. I ordered the incubator special about a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to say everything was perfect, it came on time, and it was in great condition. I will be ordering in the near future with you guys !! From Jason C.

    Jason C. on 1999-04-21

    Hello, We ordered two gulf coast female box turtles from you a few weeks ago. Though I have had poor experiances with some dealers in the past, I must say I was very impressed with my experience with your shop. The two arrived on time, were healthy, heavy, and ate within an hour of arrival. Thanks so much for being a great business, it's far to easy to get duped or feel otherwise ill-treated when looking for animals to purchase.

    Thanks, Nathan

    Nathan on 1999-04-19

    Hey Guys! The Mountain chameleon pair arrived in excellent condition! When I opened the first bag and pulled out the paper, there it was..a little green chameleon with tiny horn butts(I originally thought this was an undeveloped male). But the second bag was quite a beauty. When I pulled out that paper, I saw a magnificent chameleon with bright colors and two horns, with a sail on the tail. Both are healthy and crawled right out onto my hand, looking in every direction. I will definantly be ordering from you guys later on..that is a guarantee. Thanks a million!----Matt F

    Matt F on 1999-04-08

    Hey friends, I recieved my brazilian rainbow boa right on time, and am very pleased. He is in great health, and is the most beautiful snake I have ever seen. He ate a meal on the third day, wow , the care you took in packaging him up made him pretty comfortable. I cant wait to get the female! , and I know she will be as awsome as the male. your friend, and now valued customer MICHAEL T.

    MICHAEL T. on 1999-03-27

    LLL your the best i got my new monitor right on time and it is better then i've seen in any pet store and they can't beet your price. From now on you get all my business, thanks for every thing Garry

    Garry on 1999-03-18

    I got my incubator today, the one you have on special and I want to say that every thing came in a small compact package (to help save on shipping I presume) and the best thing about it, IT COST LESS THEN WHAT I ANTICAPATED IT WAS!!! That is great news. You guys dont seem to "milk" extra money from people. At first I was kinda thinking it over about ordering the incubator because of the shipping but now that I payed half of what I thought I was, Im glad I went ahead with the order. I look forward to adding you guys to my "places-to-do-biz-with-list"

    Thanks LLLReptiles - allan

    Allan on 1999-03-11

    Hey guys, I received my powder blue panther baby yesterday Overnite as promised. The packaging was great, and as I was unwrapping him he was clamoring to get out. (Good sign # 1). I found myself exclaiming (in my best Steve Corwin-The Crocodile Hunter voice), "Isn't he gooorgeous?!?!" As I placed him in his new home I said, "There ya go mate, have a bit a tucker". He immediately zapped a cricket from his "Welcome Basket", (Good sign # 2) drank a little water from the misted leaves, (Good sign # 3) and grooved merrily along his way. Needless to say, I'm excited about the new addition to my collection and even more excited about finding a company whose prices are great, and who obviously believes that good Customer Relations is still the backbone of good business. Thanks for everything, and I'll see ya next time! Lyzy

    Lyzy on 1999-03-10

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for all you help and answers to all my questions. You have made our purchase of the Jackson and Armored Chameleons a real pleasure. The animals arrived in perfect condition. They showed no signs of stress or fear after their long journey to their new home. I will definitely make all future purchases from LLLReptile. Thank you,


    Kathy on 1999-03-07