LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Last week I ordered a baby red footed tortoise from you. This is the first time I have ever ordered and animal via the internet so I was doubtful concerning what I would get. But my fears were unfounded. The animal arrived safely, and quickly and is in good health. He has been active and eating well. The way you packed and shipped it was first class. I will definently be ordering from you again and would recommend you to anyone. Delaware

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-01-19

    hi... i was just writing to tell you guys i have received my white throat monitor and the 100 gallon flat softray for my reptarium... i must say the packing job you guys did was phenomenal and ender (that's his name now) was active right out of the bag... something i must say i did not expect as the temperature here is about 25 degrees... he actually darted out of his cage and right onto my lap when i first put him in... i'd like to thank everyone over there for answering all my questions and posting pictures of ender when i asked for them... you guys were a delight to deal with and i look forward to receiving my 175 gallon reptarium as well as the numerous future orders i will be placing with you guys... you have a customer for life here (he'll need feeders soon!)... thanks-paul

    Paul on 2003-01-18

    I received my flame knee spiderling and emperor scorpion in perfect condition, but one of the tanks was broken. I called LLL Reptile and explained what happened and they sent me a new tank...no questions asked. My spiderling just had its first molt in my possesion!!! Thanks guys

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-01-15

    I received the product I ordered from you today. I ordered from you two days after I ordered similar goods from another online exotic pet merchant yet I still have not seen that stuff yet. Couldn't have gotten here faster, I thank you.

    Trace on 2003-01-13

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know that my order of 5 female ball pythons arrived today on time and in perfect condition. I was kind of skeptical due to weather, but you packed them like pro's. Thanx again - Greg

    Greg on 2003-01-10

    We recieved our pair of Russian tortoises yesterday and they are great! They have been busy eating and exploring their new home. We were concerned about purchasing our pets "sight unseen", but are very pleased with their apparent health and condition. They look much better than Russian tortoises we have seen in pet stores around our area. Thank you for your help and quick delivery of our new pets. The Kopp family from Iowa

    The Kopp family on 2003-01-08

    I recieved my tarantulas today and boy am I happy!! The rose hairs are much larger than what I expected! My goliath spiderling and my sri lankan ornamentals are absolutely beautiful! The texas tans were larger than I expected as well. You have exceeded my expectations ten times over!! Everyone arrived safe and frisky.....THANKS!!! ----Mike C Appomattox, Va

    Mike C on 2003-01-07

    Hi. I just bought your three toed box turtle and I have to say that it arrived in great shape, just like i planned. I will definatly order from you guys again. Thanks! Sincerely: Bob M

    Bob M on 2003-01-07

    Just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for all your help in my snakes & accessories purchase. The names I believe I spoke to were Tom & Jay, and a young gal as well. Unfortunately I don't recall her name. I just wanted to tell you that your staff was very helpful and knowlegable and made it a pleasure to do business with your company. I know that's the way it should be, but that's just not how thing really are anymore. I'm thoroughly impressed with LLLreptile and will continue to do business with you whenever needed. Have a great new year,

    Richard T on 2003-01-05

    I just received my vision setup today. You guys are great everything was wrapped up with bubble tape and packed in seperate boxes. Nothing could have broken the stuff. Thanxs again and after i write this i am ordering from you again.

    Anonymous Customer on 2002-12-18

    Hi just wanted to let you all know that the dragons I ordered got here in great shape and are eating like crazy. Thanks and happy holidays. Cyndi J

    Cyndi J on 2002-12-18

    Dear LLL, I just wanted to let you guys know that i just recieved my babies today, they were just like you had promised. As soon as i put them in their cage they went buck wild on the pinhead crickets that i had in there for them. Thanks again for everything i will be buying from you again soon.

    Larry Memphis, TN on 2002-12-18

    dear LLL just wanted to let u know i got my sons snake and monitor today and i was real inpressed how well and healthy the animals look. my son was very happy you never know what you might get when ordering by mail but i will let everyone know that this is a great place to order from, i will be getting more from you. By the way the prices were great too. thank you

    debbie m on 2002-12-18

    Dear LLL, We received our baby ball python today, exactly on schedule. Other than being a little chilly (poor guy!!) he is beautiful. I am very pleased with his temperment, health, packing, shipping...pretty much everything from A to Z. I will never buy from a pet shop again. You cured my internet Herp shopping fear! Thanks. Gabe and Teri B

    Gabe and Teri B on 2002-12-17

    Hi Scott, I forgot to email you yesterday. Everything ariived alive and well... VERY nice specimens! You also did a fantastic job of packing... paper bags was a clever idea! I never thought of that before. I will almost surely be ordering from you again in the future...

    Thanks! Chris

    Chris on 2002-12-11

    Great job on the shipping of my baby veiled chameleon. It was so professionally done. He got here safely and seems to be adapting to the cage well. Im happy to see that he was well fed and VERY healthy looking. Thanks a lot, you got one more customer for life.

    Jonathan S on 2002-12-07

    Thank You very much, I received them today and they are adorable!!!! The smallest colorful one is such a doll!!! You would be happy to know that as soon as I received them, I put them in the tank and then about 20 minutes later added some crickets and they both ate like crazy!!!! I write this the littlest colorful one is standing next to "Joey" my older bearded, sleeping against the glass, my daughter says they are twins!!! And the other one is laying on the heat rock looking VERY comfortable! Thank you sooooooooo much, they are just to cute!! Thanks again. Terrie Dubois

    Terrie Dubois on 2002-12-03

    Got everything in! Thanks Scott and Kate and all the crew! The monster beardie I think will perk up and turn out really nice. The red cross yellow is beautiful too! What a bargin! The emperor scorp is a beast and may be pregnant. The leopard gecko (male) is going great with my other female, and he will mount her soon I am sure! Thanks for everything and for another great order. I will let you know how everything looks by the end of the week. The big beardie is already taking food from my hands! Thanks again... Take care

    -Steve C Wyomissing, pa Another happy customer

    Steve C on 2002-11-28

    Hello, My pair of veileds are doing great. They've both been eating like fiends.
    I was a bit wary about ordering an animal from across the country, but no local store could match your prices and inventory. I will definately go through you for future orders.

    Thanks, Jim Buffalo, NY

    Jim on 2002-11-25

    Thank you for your great service. My first time ordering stuff from you guys was a great experience. My order was filled and shipped very quickly and I will be ordering stuff from you guys from now on. Also I love the care you put into shipping my items. No way they could have been damaged in that. Thanx again and you will hear from me soon.

    Anonymous Customer on 2002-11-24

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my female sub adult jackson's chameleon arrived this morning as i was promised and in perfect health. I'm impressed with your service and will be ordering again very soon. Thanks for my healthy cham!

    Amy on 2002-11-21

    I want to thank you on a very fast deliver and excellent product. You were recommended to me by an email list I am on and I am glad I bought from you rather than the pet stores in my area. I look forward to shoping with you at the upcomming reptile show in Pomona.

    Shawnee L on 2002-11-15

    I am TOTALLY pleased with you guys. I have looked and looked and looked for months for a reputable dealer online. My Sulcattas and my Mali are in the best of health...arrived less than 12 hours ago and already are eating like PIGS! I will be back! These animals are in GREAT health. Packaging was perfect, and when the UPS guy came he had 1000 questions! Plan on telling everyone that California is not that far from Ohio....

    Carla W on 2002-11-13

    I ordered some basic supplies from you last week....and they arrived promptly and very well-packaged. I appreciated the fact that not only was the box itself padded, but all supplies inside were individually bubble-wrapped. I was kind of using this as a test case...I've never ordered animals over the Internet before, but I can see that if you follow the same level of professionalism for LIVE animals as you do for SUPPLIES, then I have absolutely nothing to worry about! I only wished I lived closer to Southern C.A. (I'm from SF Bay Area) so I could check out your shop in person. Thanks again, and you'll be receiving an animal order from me soon.

    Mike B on 2002-11-10

    I just recived my Sub adult female, she was perfect and lively when i got her out of shipment.. Ive ordred from LLLreptile for over 2 years now and Ive had nothing but been amazed with all your great work with reptiles, thank you!! I will be ordering from you again! thankyou!

    Anonymous Customer on 2002-10-28