LLLReptile customer testimonials

    The Russian tortoises arrived in fine condition. They came out of the box ready to go! They walked around right away, ate a ton and took a nice soak. Thanks for picking out good ones for us. Laurie W

    Laurie W on 2003-05-11

    My name is Dylan N and I just wanted to thank you guys for a fast delivery once again, I ordered a sunburst veiled chameleon and some supplies and the chameleon is doing great, and eating, and I asked for a bright green one and you guys picked it out excellently. Thanks Dylan

    Dylan on 2003-05-11

    Thank you for the quick service. The Mali's you sent me are absolutely beautiful. They are so healthy and are already eating well on their second day. Thank you once again, Ivory M

    Ivory M on 2003-05-11

    Hi, just wanted you to know that my crickets and wax worms arrived today, and I've never before received so many LIVE crickets! Also, the wax worms were firm and plump, not flat and squishy. I've never seen wax worms look so healthy! Your new California supplier seems to be trying very hard to provide quality feeders. Thanks!! Pat S, La Crescenta

    Pat S on 2003-05-07

    I have shopped with you online several times I purchased a 4 1/2ft Female Ball and 3ft Male Ball Python from your store plus many other items, and was always impressed with your outstanding service. So I drove 3 hours from Florence SC. to Raleigh NC. to see your display at the show. Your booth was the first one on my list and with no suprise your animals and prices were the best at the show, and your staff was outstanding. I also bought a male Colombian boa. Thanks for the great service Tom D, Florence SC

    Tom D on 2003-05-05

    I got the python today, what can say, absolute perfection, Thanks, I think he'll make a wonderful breeder some day, and a great pet. Sincerely, Brad B

    Brad B on 2003-04-30

    The peach throat monitor arrived early this morning. Appears to be very healthy and feisty. The coloring is truly beautiful. Thanks for selecting such a fine animal.

    Thanks, David M

    David M on 2003-04-29

    Hello LLL, I have ordered several times from you and each time was more than satisfied with the animals delivered. A couple of days ago the pair of mountain dragons arrived. They are very healthy looking and very active -- especially for mountain dragons. I put them in their rain forest vivarium and started up the drip system and the male jumped in the water, spashing and playing like he was at a water park! Never saw anything like it. Both are eating and seem to be adapting well. Thanks Jon M. Boston

    Jon B. on 2003-04-27

    I just got the tree frogs. They look good and have already eaten. This was my first online purchase of live animals and you made it a pleasant one. Thanks Again, Rob

    Rob on 2003-04-25

    I have become a frequent loyal customer finding the trip from San Diego to Oceanside and Escondido worth the drive. Yesterday, I purchased a pair of Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnakes shortly after they arrived. I'd glad I was there or I might have missed out. I enjoy your open store design and the clean environment. I like your products and animals and am particularly fond of your prices. Mostly, I like all of you and the time you spend with your customers, especially the children! Thank you, Mary

    Mary on 2003-04-25

    Hay LLL reptile, I just received the babies and they are beautiful/ I love them. Those snakes look so healthy, I checked them all out just to make sure and they are top of the line. Thanks>>>>Joe O

    Joe O on 2003-04-22

    Chameleons arrived today in great shape .... thank you. I will be sure to go to you first for any future reptile needs :} ---Mike

    Mike on 2003-04-21


    LORI on 2003-04-16

    The little guys came today and all of them look healthy and happy. All of them are taking water and eating which is always a bonus. The gravid female seems To be doing well and I hope to have eggs soon. Thanks for providing a quality bunch of Pygmy Chameleons!!!! Brenden

    Brenden on 2003-04-15

    I received my baby red-foot yesterday. He was very alert when he arrived and rip-roaring around his enclosure in no time. He has been eating well and seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings. I have to admit that he looks even better than the picture, nice and red, with a nice dark carapace. Perfect! Thank you!

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-04-06

    Dear Scott, I just received my leucistic just a little while ago, and he is beautiful! Once I finally got him out of his bag, he was exploring all the corners of his cage. I was really pleased in how well you packaged the gecko. You guys have a future customer! Deidre

    Deidre on 2003-04-01

    I just received my pair of Veiled Chameleons and am very happy with them! They arrived just before 10am and they were none the worse for wear from their cross-country jaunt. I appreciate the careful packing job. They are now in their new homes exploring away. Thanks LLL! Peter C

    Peter C on 2003-03-26

    Today 3/26/03, I recieved the Water Dragon that I orderd.........it is soooo beautiful. In perfect health and its extra heat packs were still nice and warm!! Great job! Thankyou so much, until next time... Melissa

    Melissa on 2003-03-25

    I just received my Ball Python and he's doing well. I would just like to thank everyone at LLL Reptile for the curteous, quick service and I have already recommended you guys to other people. Thanks again. James T

    James T on 2003-03-24

    Dear LLL, Many thanks for your help, fast service, and answers to my many questions. In late January one of my geckos laid eggs, I purchased an incubator from you and sat in wait. Our first set of eggs hatched last weekend... 4 new babies and we have 11 eggs to go. Our colony is quite prolific. Thank you again.

    Shawn - Tempe, AZ

    Shawn on 2003-03-20

    Scott, We recieved the sub adult leopard gecko yesterday. My daughter was very happy. Thanks again for the excellent service and extreme quickness and care in shipping.

    Gabe and Teri B

    Gabe and Teri B on 2003-03-20

    The texas tan and the rose hair arrived today in very good condition. The texas tan is allready exploring the cage. Excellent service I look forward to doing buisness with you again.. Thanks alot. sincerly. Casey

    Casey on 2003-03-20

    My golden tegu has arrived, and it is a fat, beautiful, little animal who refused to leave the bag. It is running around its cage. You people at LLLReptile have a customer for life.

    Marty A on 2003-03-19

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know my amphibians arrived this morning and are GREAT! I will definatly be ordering from you guys again. Thanks

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-03-16

    I wanted to thank you guys for helping me over the phone when my UVB bulb broke down prematurely. You guys knew all about my order and helped me get a new one. The best thing is your prices are awesome and everything comes FAST. I dont know why it says 4-6 days for the mail cuz everything u guys send comes in 2-3. You really know how to do business properly. Just saying thanks for everything.

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-03-16