LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Hello,I just received the 4 24"x24"x48" all screen cages from you.They are the best looking cages sold in the United States.The Chameleons that I am getting soon will really like there home.They are one of the rarer and pretty expensive types of chameleons.They are Picasso Panther Chameleons,which I will breed at one point. Thanks, Jeremy B

    Jeremy B on 2003-09-12

    Hello, Thank you so much for my Russian tortoise. He is doing VERY well and was eating as soon as I opened the package. Hopefully he will get a long with the female I bought last summer! Thanks once again!

    ~Steve M

    Steve M on 2003-08-28

    We just wanted to say thank you for the great chameleon, I was suprised the way it came packed, ive never bought a live animal off the internet before but I'm very happy with it, its extremely healthy and active. Also all the other things that we bought are wonderful, it was a pleasure to do business. We will definitely order soon again.

    Thank you Leon and Melissa

    Leon and Melissa on 2003-08-26

    I just wanted to let you know that the two Mountain Horned Lizards that we ordered are absolutely gorgeous. We could not have picked ones with better markings. They arrived on time as promised and very healthy. They have been with us now for approximately 3 weeks and have grown so much already. They have very healthy appetites. I want to thank you for all of your help and I would recommend anyone to your site. Thanks again.

    Pam on 2003-08-24

    I just wanted to say thank-you for shipping my three veild chameleons they are fantastic!! You will continue to get my business in the future. Thanks Sam from sarasota fla.

    Sam on 2003-08-14

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my lizards and frog today as scheduled. They are all beautiful and seemed to have handled the trip quite well. They will be part of the reptile and amphibian exhibits in my 8th grade science classroom. Don't worry-we take ultimate pride in the husbandry of our animals (no classroom horror stories here!). I wish I had room for some more-I'd be placing another order!

    Thanks again, Mary S

    Mary S on 2003-08-12

    Dear Scott & LLLReptile,

    We received our new pair of baby Diego Suarez Panther Chameleons early Wednesday morning. We were amazed at how carefully they were shipped, and how plump and healthy looking they are at their sale price. I would have gotten back to you sooner but we were so busy building up a nice large terrarium habitat for this pair to grow out into. It turned out nice, they must think they are in paradise with all the plants, humidity, and crickets! Pictures coming soon..... I just wanted to thank you as your service continues to be excellent.

    Thanks a million, Neil

    Neil on 2003-08-10

    I visited your store in Oceanside today and purchased a frilled dragon. I am happy to report that it is doing very well in its new home! I appreciate the very helpful service that I received. LLLReptile is the best! You can expect me back in a few weeks! Jim Indio, CA

    Jim on 2003-08-07

    I would like to thank u very much for shipping me the argus monitor. I received it on tuesday. Im very satisified with it. thank u again for everything.

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-08-06

    This is Chad, Just letting you guys know that i recieved my pastel beardie this morning, he is active and very energetic. He is eating well. Thank you for such a wonderful animal, lllreptile will always have my business.

    Thanks again, Chad

    Chad on 2003-08-05

    Hey Scott, I wanted to let you know that the animals arrived in great condition and that I am very happy with the selections you made on my behalf. Thank you very much. Tom T

    Tom T on 2003-08-03

    i recieved my 2 diego suarez panther chameleons today around 11 a.m. texas time! the animals arrived on time, in GREAT shape, and in GREAT health. very fat little critters. to my suprise, you included a cold pack at no additional cost! that shows me that you really care for your animals and want them to arrive to your customers in 100% satisfactory condition and that is why i will be doing business with you again in the future! Fine Work LLL Reptile. Rowdy K Texas

    Rowdy K on 2003-07-23

    On Saturday (7/19/2003) I purchased a Black and White Tegu from your group at the local herp show. He is so beautiful, healthy and happy I just HAD to drop a line and thank you for such a wonderful animal. Please let me know if you ever consider adding a retail store in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. I would sell my soul to be part of your team!! Thanks again~

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-07-21

    Dear LLLREPTILE, My name is Amy and I recived my chameleon a week ago exactly. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the months before to help me get prepared for his arrivel. I am happy to say that Tsai Horng (rainbow) is doing well, and loves his new home. Thanks Again Amy, Billings Mt.

    Amy B on 2003-07-19

    Thankyou for the baby sunburst veileds you guys sent me. They look great and seem very healthy. They we drinking and eating right away. The female already is showing a lot of coloring. Thanks again. Jared M

    Jared M on 2003-07-12

    I recieved my three pygmy chameleons this morning and they look comfortable in their new cage. Thanks for packing them so nicely. They were not stressed at all. I am excited that they are here. Suzanne A

    Suzanne on 2003-07-09

    I recieved the baby ball that I had ordered from you, and I just have to say this is probably the most healthy, and alert baby ball that I have ever purchased. I would just like to thank you for the great service, and i would like to let you know that i will be shopping with you for all of my future reptile needs. sincerely,Joni and Bill E

    Joni and Bill E on 2003-07-09

    Just a thank you to Scott Wesley for helping me with my pre-show ordering and for the two staff that manned the LLLReptile booth at the Virginia Reptile Expo this past weekend. I want to compliment the the staff I met there as they were truly the best in representing their booth. They were helpful and most importantly, they smiled. From this area of the country, hospitality is a virtue and hospitality was received well from them. My purchases included a female black and white and a male normal kenyan sand boa and 2 female emperor scorpions. All are doing well and, after allowing the snakes time to adjust, I fed them successfully this morning for the first time without any problems whatsoever. Honestly, I didn't expect any problems as I have received animals from you before, namely one huge male emperor scorpion that is still in tip-top shape and even "dancing" now with the girlies here. It has been another pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to working with you again very soon. Most sincerely, Tony B Jonesborough, TN

    Tony B on 2003-07-06

    We received the black and white tegu Wednesday morning. He was healthy, alert and is a beautiful animal. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your communications and quality of product and service have earned you some loyal customers here. We will also readily recommend you to anyone else. Thank you, Jennifer M

    Jennifer M on 2003-07-06

    Thank you !!!!! We just received our ball python "Irwin" and she is just beautiful!! Irwin even had a feed the day after she arrived and is adjusting quite well. Once again you shipped us a wonderful pet that was not stresed from the trip!! We purchased a bearded dragon baby from you in November and he is just thriving!! Our little "Steve" is now 15 1/2 inches long. ALso I have to add you reptariums are just the best!! The help make "Steve "and "Irwin's" habitats more homey to them. They both love their new homes. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful animals!! Heidi B

    Heidi B on 2003-06-26

    I recieved my baby ball python a minute ago. He is healthy and alert. He tried to eat my finger which was pretty funny. We captured the moment on video. Thanks again and I will definitely come to you when I'll get my next herp. Ben G.

    Ben G on 2003-06-26

    Our nile monitor arrived last week safe and sound. He is healthy and eating well.... although he is a bit feisty (to say the least.) Great job and thanks so much. We will definitely be returning customers.

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-06-12

    Kate and Scott, Our package arrived this morning, and My son Andrew and I could not be more satisfied. Both chameleons are in great shape, They are energetic, and complete with a personality, as well as a bit of an appetite. Thanx for the correspondence, from order date to shipping date....... Its been a pleasure doing business with your company. We will continue ordering from LLLReptile.com

    Regards, Andrew, and John

    Andrew and John on 2003-06-10

    I've just recieved my nile monitor and hypo corn snake today at 10 sharp this morning. I was worried before it arrived that there might be a mistake or a weird feeling that I won't be satisfied by the reptiles I get. Well, I got to hand it to you guys, you guys are the "Gods" of reptile dealership. They are both in great health, fat and plump, and I have no regrets whatsoever. Well, there is one. That I didn't get more reptiles. I am so relieved, thanks for the great experience, very nice people over there. I'll be back! :)

    Anonymous Customer on 2003-06-10

    Hello. I received my order of 5 reptariums (four 38 gallons and one 65), 5 zoo med spot heat bulbs, and 4 repti-sun bulbs a fews days ago. Everything was perfectly packed, and I was thrilled to see my awesome free tee shirt in there too!! My order was shipped out so fast but SO proffesionally, I am really impressed. Thanks again for being the BEST reptile product site out there!! -Emma

    Emma on 2003-06-09