LLLReptile customer testimonials

    We received our Jackson Chameleon today! Thor is doing great eating, drinking and hiding is his new home!
    Thank you all for a wonderful chameleon!!

    TR on 2019-04-24

    My Pueblan milksnake arrived alive and well today! It's happily exploring its new home now. What a beautiful animal. I'm satisfied. Thank you for everything!

    Jeff on 2019-04-23

    Just wanted to say again how very happy I am with LLLReptile. I ordered a couple of pac man frog a little more than a week ago and they arrived in great health they were eating that night and I couldn't be happier. I just ordered a few things today and just thought I should let you guys know what a great job you are doing. Thanks again from myself and all my animal.

    TS on 2019-04-18

    I just wanted to thank you guys and tell you how much I appreciate what you guys did when ordering my new tegu. My new Argentine black and white is doing awesome and he is perfect. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting and type of reptiles are supplies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Customer on 2019-03-24

    I ordered 3 bearded dragons and some dubia roaches. All arrived this evening safe and sound. The dragons all look great and already have awesome little personalities. Your customer service was amazing. Thank you so much.

    SJ on 2019-03-05

    Hello! I received my feeder anoles today! Thank you very much! All of them arrived alive, and my frogs love them. I appreciate the contact during the process and ease.

    Customer on 2019-02-14

    I received my new Russian Tortoise today. He came in just fine and was eating a big meal within 10 minutes of arriving. Thanks!

    Amy S on 2019-02-04

    I just got my Asian Green Vine Snake just a little while ago. Very healthy and in very good condition. Just want to thank y'all very much! You folks have an amazing business! ...Absolutely beautiful snake! Also, the Mangrove snake is doing very well, even in these winter conditions in Alabama... Also, thank you for the free gifts along with it.

    JP on 2019-01-17

    White and Black Mangrove arrived. He or she is beautiful, made a YouTube unboxing mentioned you guys. Want to thank you very much and Happy Holidays

    Customer on 2018-12-10

    Hello again LLLReptile sorry for not updating you on the progress on Zarrah the Bearded Dragon I Ordered from you Guys last Year in November she is doing beautifully very friendly sweet little girl thank you for sending me such an amazing super friendly Bearded Dragon

    April G on 2018-12-05

    I just wanted to tell you guys that I received my baby veiled chameleon yesterday morning in Michigan. He is doing wonderfully, eating, drinking, sleeping and just looks gorgeous. Thanks again for everything!!

    Sally on 2018-12-04

    Thought you'd like to know that the Russian tortoise I received from you about three weeks ago is still doing just fine--eating as if there were no tomorrow (of course) and showing an amazing amount of personality. She apparently likes attention!

    JA on 2018-12-02

    Hi! I wanted to let you know that our Jackson chameleon arrived yesterday morning and he’s doing great! He’s healthy and exploring his new enclosure and has eaten 6 crickets. His horns are nice and straight and he’s in great health. Thank you for the beautiful chameleon!

    The Jacksons on 2018-11-29

    Just wanted to say I ordered a biak green tree python & when I received it, it exceeded exception and was very pleased with my order. Its acting very healthy, already eating well, and is beautiful. Thank you very much.

    Customer on 2018-11-11

    Hi my name is cody. I live in Texas and have three bearded dragons and two other lizards as well. I have been buying crickets from petco and PetSmart for years and every time had multiple dead before I even got home. Lllreptile.com shipped me my crickets straight to my front door. All of them were alive and well. I definitely recommend this company for any of your reptiles needs. I had a couple questions about my order and they answered all my questions perfectly and treated me like I was a human and not just someone that bought something over the internet. Extremely professional. Had 100 percent have made me a lifelong customer. Thank you for that.

    Cody on 2018-10-30

    I just received your (snake)! He is so beautiful! What amazing colors and patterns! My son is so happy with his birthday present. Your prices are great and I like the fact you are in my state so he didn't have far to go. I highly recommend your store(s)!

    Tammy R on 2018-10-16

    I got my whip spider yesterday and the animal is happy and healthy! Thank you so much for working with me and being so helpful. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Jacob P on 2018-09-11

    Hello, as you know I bought a male baby veiled chameleon from you guys about a month ago. I just want take a minute to say thank you! The little guy (I named him Leon) is doing great! He is eating his crickets daily, loves to bask in his UVB light and hes very active wondering around his home to drink the water droplets from the leaves. Just thought I'd send a letter of appreciation

    Tanner on 2018-09-02

    I want to thank you so much for the Mexican Black Kingsnake I received a few weeks ago. She is beautiful and absolutely wonderful! You guys went out of your way to get her for me and I am so grateful. She is the fourth animal I have gotten from lll and every animal is great. Thanks again! Until next time!

    Sharon on 2018-08-12

    I Received my baby reticulated python 8-9-18. Well packaged warm and very healthy next day, she's a beauty I'm very happy, I strongly recommend LLL reptiles to anyone, very good and honest company. My baby Reticulated python ate that same night strong and healthy and eating- thank you so much lllreptile I am going to Continue to be a customer in the future and will be ordering my food for her through you guys thanks again- I'm very happy

    Customer on 2018-08-12

    I picked up my baby brooks king snake 3 days ago and she was packaged well. She arrived in good condition and was not upset at all. She at today and she is a total sweetheart. Communication exceeded my expectations. I ordered on saturday and heard back on sunday which supprised me. The website was well updated and the animals advertised were actually available to purchase. Overall I give 5 stars accross the board and will continue to go thtough lll reptiles. Thank you for your hard work.

    Customer on 2018-08-09

    Just wanted to say thank you for the three beautiful bark scorpions! They all arrived safe and healthy and are now enjoying a meal and some well deserved r&r! This is the second time I’ve ordered from you guys and as before, the service is top notch, excellent communication and they arrived right on time and healthy! You have a wonderful business you should be proud of!

    Casey on 2018-08-06

    Hello! I just received the beautiful female jacksons chameleon an hour ago. i let her out of the package outside so she could get some good sunlight, water and bugs to nibble on. she drank and ate immediately. i put her into the enclosure i built and introduced her to her new boyfriend and he immediately started to bob his head to get her attention it was awesome to see.. though she paid him no mind as she wanted to explore her new surroundings. i think they will get along great and hopefully have some babies in a few months. thank you for sending such a magnificent female. I am very happy and so is her new boyfriend.

    Andy on 2018-08-06

    I received my snake thank you its quite fast looks really nice. Ps thanks for the key holder thingy I'm sure I'll be ordering from y'all again!

    Customer on 2018-07-30

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent animal orders from you. As always, they are very well packed with great care and every single animal I've ever ordered from you has come alive and well! My two red velvet ants are doing great and are so much fun to watch! My baby three toed box turtle is adorable. Very active, intelligent, and a great eater! My Halloween crab is doing great, as well as my baby savannah monitor and brown anole. Thank-you for your great customer service and quality animals!

    Customer on 2018-07-29