LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Hey guys Just want to say my wife ordered a baby Albino Corn it just arrived he or she is very clean healthy friendly and y'all did a great packing job. Shows y'all really care for your animals. I will definitely be recommending y'all

    Isa on 2018-03-15

    OMG! I just received my Peruvian Long Tailed Boa baby, and he's absolutely gorgeous, well mannered and just wow... Thank you so much! I love him. You guys and gals have a very happy customer. Warmest regards, Danny

    Danny on 2018-03-12

    Taylor, Just wanted to Thank you and LLL for great service and product. My Honduran showed up as healthy as ever, and exactly What I was hoping for. He's already acclimated and doing well. Thanks again, you have a loyal customer here

    Chad on 2018-02-28

    Hello! Just wanted to say as a long time reptile keeper and associate of numerous reptile rescues, I highly recommend LLL reptile. Every order I’ve placed has arrived as described, on time, and the customer care center staff have always been pleasant and very helpful. All around a great company!

    Customer on 2018-02-21

    I just received a very healthy and very tame Savannah monitor lizard and he seems to be doing well.I am VERY impressed with the two very professional and knowledge customer service reps, being able to talk to these people closed the experience for me.I have raised several large Burmese Pythons but very little time with large lizards. I will recommend LLL reptiles to all my hero.friends.Thank you.

    Chuck on 2018-02-18

    I received my Arizona Blond Tarantula this morning. I was very surprised at the time it must have taken to carefully package my precious cargo. Arizona arrived and I followed the unpacking instructions and she was wide awake when I introduced her to her new home. She’s such a sweetheart. I would definitely give your company a 5 out of 5 star rating. I will order from you from now on.

    Carol on 2018-02-14

    Dear Kate, our Tangerine Honduran Milk snake, "Ruby", arrived safely this morning. She was a little chilly, but she has acclimated and is exploring her habitat. I guess Ruby is a she, we never asked. Anyway, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby....Thank you so much,

    Thomas and Debbie on 2018-02-12

    Hello. Just wanted to let you know that the snakes came in alive and super active! I am very pleased with LLLReptile and i will continue to do most of my reptile shopping through y’all!

    Tommy H. on 2018-01-17

    Received my new python looks great and healthy upon arrival hope to have a long future with this guy. Thank you!

    TB on 2018-01-02

    I have ordered a baby ball python a couple of days ago! I wanted to thank you guys for such a beautiful and awesome snake. It (not sure male or female yet) ate with no hesitation and it seems really happy. You guys are great and I would/ will recommend you guys to anyone I know who is looking for and reptile. You guys are great keep up the good work. And looking forward to get more from you guys. Have a great New Year!

    W. Davis on 2017-12-28

    I received my feeder worms today! All were alive, active, they were packaged well and I could not be happier! So much easier AND cheaper than going to the store every week! Thank you. (The look you get when your UPS guy delivers live worms is pretty great also)

    Customer on 2017-12-25

    Thank you so much the baby bearded dragon arrived looking amazing very alert and healthy I named the little one StormFly from the movie how to train your dragon 2 hope you guys have great holiday

    April on 2017-12-14

    Hey there, I just wanted to say I got the skink and the snake today and they both are AMAZING, thank you so much for these gorgeous creatures!

    Customer on 2017-12-14

    I just started using your product as my normal brand was out of the heat lamps and thought I would give yours a try. Very happy with your lamps so went back & bought a few more items needed for my reptiles. I will continue to buy your products even at a lower cost. Thanks & have a great weekend

    Customer on 2017-11-16

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I had never had animals (snakes) shipped to me before. I took the chance with LLL. I LOVE the three snakes I purchased via your website. The sunbeam is stunning, eating like a champ and just shed. The False water cobra is a beauty with a great dispostion. However, the Pied Mussurana is absolutely gorgeous, eating like a champ and just shed as well. I'm really enjoying my new critters, thanks again.

    Donna on 2017-11-08

    Just wanted to say thanks I received my Russian tortoise very quickly he seams to be happy and healthy hes sitting with me eating away as I type this! lovely little guy I would def buy from you guys again A+

    Customer on 2017-11-07

    I just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome company and give you an update. I purchased a male het. albino reticulated python in November 2009. He has since won Petco's annual Exotic Pet contest, visited numerous grade school Biology classes, and is picture online as the mascot of an annual kids summer camp program. At 14 feet and 50 lbs. he is still everyones favorite baby. Thank you for this addition to my family. His name is Moa Xu, by the way. It means brave and gentle.

    Customer on 2017-11-05

    Thanks for the awesome help with all the questions I had before I made my purchase - first time buying an animal online my experience was awesome with you guys- my scorpion came packaged great healthy and is now eating. I will be doing business with lll reptiles again thanks again for having such a great business

    Customer on 2017-11-05

    I wanted to leave some feedback about my order. I was extremely satisfied with your sales rep's level of experience and her ability to talk intelligently about the animals. I have to say that because that was not my experience while shopping for a snake recently with other dealers. I finally googled "most recommended reptile dealer online" and your name came up. Thanks for the help and your enthusiasm about the creatures!

    Jeff in GA on 2017-10-22

    I want to thank you for my animals. They all came in on time, alive, and perfect!!!! The trans-pecos rat snakes are very beautiful and the perfect size. They are one of my favorite snakes and I couldn't find them for years. So thanks again.

    Customer on 2017-10-11

    Hello! I received the hognose this morning. She was packaged beautifully and she arrived safe, secure, and well. She displayed no defensive bluffs either, which I'm very surprised about; all around, "Penny" seems extremely inquisitive, curious, and good-natured. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this purchase and if I ever have a need for another animal I'm coming straight to you guys again.

    Once again, thanks so much for the fantastic new pet and the wonderful service LLL Reptile has provided.

    Hopemarie on 2017-10-09

    My husband and I bought our first corn snake today! We are so happy with her!! She is so healthy and LLL Reptile offers a 3 day health guarantee, which I think really goes to show how much their animals and customers mean to them. The entire staff was so knowledgeable and welcoming!!! It was such a great experience shopping here

    Geraldine C. on 2017-10-08

    I went to the reptile show in Sacramento and clearly the table that had the most attention was lllreptile. I was very impressed with the staff members manning the table. They were friendly, attentive, fast, knew what they were talking about and were very patient with everyone. It was chaos and they rode it like it was nothing. Thank you for visiting us in Northern Ca, I hope you see lllreptile again next year.

    Jen on 2017-10-08

    Thanks for my gorgeous Giant Day Gecko you sent me! She arrived safely and looks healthy. "Kiwi-Cali" is enjoying her new enclosure. I attached a couple of pictures of her. Thanks again, I will be ordering from you again.

    Jody B. on 2017-07-12

    I would like to thank you for your EXCELLENT service and products. I received my order of 250 wax worms (shipped overnight) and there were only 2 dead worms. AMAZING!!!! The rest of the wax worms were extremely healthy and of good size. WOW - I am impressed and will continue to shop with you and recommend you to all of my friends or anyone needing supplies. Thank you from me and from my turtle!

    P. Smith on 2017-07-09