LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Sunbeam and baby Ambilobe arrived on time, well packed, and in full health. Both stunning. Again, LLL has come through. Thank you for your patience and professionalism. They will be loved and meticulously cared for. Cheers!

    Kate from OH on 2016-04-13

    I just received my male Woma Python and I'm absolutely blown away by him!!! He's gorgeous and completely exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you guys again for everything! Hopefully I'll be able to find him a lady by fall!!

    Matt S. on 2016-04-11

    Just received my beautiful curly hair tarantula. Great job on packing! I look forward to doing more business in the future.

    William on 2016-04-04

    I wanted to send LLLReptile a huge "thank you" for my new carpet python! Yesterday, I ordered a "medium male jungle jag carpet python" and received him this morning right on time, happy & healthy! He is absolutely gorgeous and exactly as the article described him! I have done business with LLL dozens & dozens of times and have never had a bad experience or animal! I will definitely do business with you guys in the future! Thanks again!!

    Matt on 2016-04-03

    Got my shipment of crickets today. There were no DOA. I am more than happy with my order!

    Customer on 2016-03-29

    Hello! just received my Indonesian blue tongue. He is absolutely gorgeous. He was a bit cold but that was expected. Seems friendly enough! Will definitely be doing future business with you!

    Customer on 2016-03-28

    They arrived at around 11:43 and I am very pleased with all of the animals especially the beautiful gold tegu thank you very much!

    Jose on 2016-03-28

    I just received my Jackson chameleons in the mail and I fell in love instantly. They look healthy and are now enjoying their new home. Thank you so LLLreptile! I hope to do business again soon.

    Customer on 2016-03-22

    Thank you for your excellent service. My apricot Pueblan milk snake and both scorpions arrived in perfect condition. Also thank you for keeping me informed of my order status. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Grady on 2016-03-15

    I just received my nelsons milk snake my wife ordered for me today. He is beautiful active alert and has good weight. This is the second snake I've ordered from you and they've both been happy and healthy. I was a bit concerned with them being shipped from California to Florida but I could not be happier with the results. Thank you for my newest addition and I look forward to doing business with again.

    Kristin on 2016-03-09

    Romeo and Juliet (my Veiled Chameleon babies) arrived save and sound. They have already stated moving around their new home and seem to be very comfortable. I am very impressed with your prices and shipping procedures along with the health of your inventory. Highly recommend your company to anyone looking to add a new creature to their lives!

    Charlotte on 2016-03-01

    I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that my pair of chameleons arrived safe and sound and are checking out their new enclosure. I have been more than happy with the supplies and the little chams. Thanks a bunch!

    Billy & Jennifer on 2016-02-29

    I received my small cinnabee ball python today.........SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!I LOVE HER ALREADY,she fits along well with others,cant wait for to grow!!!BTW her name...Cider,when i look at her thats what i think about apple cider...Thanks again,i will be back once shes acclimates for a nice male....

    Jason on 2016-02-25

    I recently acquired about purchasing a reptile from your company. I spoke with a wonderful gentleman named Allan. He did an outstanding job answering all of my questions. He was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and polite. I have always had exceptional customer service when contacting the company. I just wanted to leave a good review of the help i received today during my call. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing business with you.

    Chip on 2016-02-22

    Dart frog arrived and healthy and alive. Awesome looking Frog thank you very much

    Customer on 2016-02-15

    Dear LLLReptile,

    It's been about a week and a half since we received the giant south African leopard tortoise hatchling from you, so we thought we'd give you some feedback:

    Kupa arrived alive, if a bit cold, and was quickly put in their habitat. Kupa was quite dirty, so after warming up a bit Kupa had a soak and a few kale greens. During the soak, Kupa was scrubbed gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and is now very clean and active. Kupa has enjoyed primarily kale and a small amount of cuttlebone and seems to be happy and healthy.

    Thank you for your assistance and care when shipping Kupa. We will cherish our new family member for a very long time.

    H. on 2016-02-15

    Just ordered crickets and wax worms for my FBTs. I was very pleased to see all my feeders alive and in good condition when they arrived. Not only that, you also put in a heat pack to ensure adequate temp during shipping! Great service thank you.

    Customer on 2016-02-09

    My animals arrived alive and healthy. Thanks so much for my beautiful snake and frogs and i enjoyed the reasonable prices, and look forward to purchasing from yall again.

    Customer on 2016-01-25

    I just got my new young fire skink from you guys, ordered it off of your website. it was easy to navigate and punches. I've been following you guys on face book and youtube for a long time. Even though this is the first reptile I've got from you guys I can guarantee it won't be the last. You guys do an amazing job at what you do breeding caring for and your love of reptiles you all have my dream job. Thank you for my amazingly beautiful fire skink he is doing well. Can't wait to buy from y'all again soon.

    Tyler on 2016-01-24

    Very satisfied with you guys! i will definitely be a returning customer... Thanks A lot!

    Beau on 2016-01-05

    This place is great. I ordered the chameleon package. All of my questions were answered quickly and the customer service was fantastic. I received the terrarium supplies quickly. Once I put it together everything looked and worked great. I had special shipping requirements due to the Ohio weather. My little guy, which I requested, arrived well packed and healthy.

    The package came with an assorted chameleon, but my request for a male was granted with no hassle. I've had my chameleon for a few days and he's healthy, eating, and feisty like he should be. I definitely recommend this company.

    Customer on 2016-01-03

    Just wanted to let you know that everyone arrived safely and is doing great! Thanks for a wonderful group of animals!

    Sarah on 2015-12-30

    Just wanted to let you know you sent me the most beautiful lizard ever. Thank you.

    Customer on 2015-12-30

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks again. Received my Timor this morning and he is amazing. Thanks and I will def be back for all my future needs.

    Eddie G on 2015-11-24

    Thank you so much for my shipment of Leopard Geckos. As usual, you guys selected top of the line, very healthy specimens for me, and I am very grateful. Thanks again for going above and beyond to exceed my expectations. You guys are the best, and I look forward to hopefully making another order one day soon. Happy Halloween!

    Lauren on 2015-10-28