LLLReptile customer testimonials

    I got him!! He is amazing!! You guys packed him up so good, I am so happy.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Customer for life!

    Brian R. on 2019-11-14

    Thank you for the awesome worms! Arrived 100% alive and well. From now on your my main feeder insect supplier.

    Andrew on 2019-11-12

    Extremely pleased. Maybe best packaging I have ever seen and have had many reptiles and frogs shipped. Very very well packaged and cared for. Was nice and warm when I opened the package and dug out the frog's container.

    Thank you so much

    Matt on 2019-11-07

    Thank you ! My Beautiful baby got here ok.Thank you for packing her so well. I Love her and you guys. AAAA+++++

    Customer on 2019-10-24

    I just wanted to thank you guys for my lavender albino golden child motley retic. She's unbelievably beautiful and she's so friendly. I absolutely love her!

    Kyle B on 2019-10-01

    Just leaving you a good review, am from Connecticut and order pinky frozen mice from you, I will definitely be doing more business with you, from your customer service and easy online order , you are definitely a great company to order from again , customer service was polite and always answer my questions regarding my order Thank you again

    Joe on 2019-09-11

    Just received my baby Cwd he's beautiful spunky already eating,and jumped in his water for a dip. Thank you a very pleased customer!

    Customer on 2019-08-20

    My order came in right on time . The animals are very active and eating right away . I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future.

    TS on 2019-08-07

    Just letting you know that my corn snake (Niblet) arrived this morning in excellent condition. Also the pueblan milk snake (Mango) that I ordered in June is doing great - growing and eating like a P-I-G hog. I am very impressed with your service - quality, promptness, packaging, etc. No complaints whatsoever. I will not hesitate to order from you again. Thank you.

    Mike M on 2019-08-06

    Words can't describe how satisfied I am with my experience with lllreptiles. I ordered a Beardie from lll. They were prompt in their response. I ran into a snag with the time I chose for delivery and had to change the delivery address. They took it in stride and happily allowed me to change my shipping information with no objections. When I saw my beardie for the first time I was amazed at how tiny she is (we have several beardies in differing stages of growth from juvenile to adult) and how colorful, bright eyed, and healthy she appears. She is already running around and playing in her vivarium like she's lived there since the day she was born. She's been here less than a day and she has already stolen the hearts of all of the beardie lovers in my home. And there are a bunch of us. If you are looking for great customer care and a healthy beautiful critter, lllreptiles is the place with whom to conduct business.

    Customer on 2019-07-17

    Very pleased will be ordering from you again here soon he is awesome an has eaten no problems

    Jonathan on 2019-07-16

    All 6 Red eye tree frogs arrived happy and healthy thanks to you and your team! Will definitely be recommending LLL reptile in the future.

    Morgan on 2019-07-15

    I want to write and thank you for the stunning Mexican Black Kingsnake I received. I couldnt be happier with her. Ive gotten several reptiles from lllreptile and every one is perfect and a joy. You guys are awesome.

    Sharon on 2019-07-12

    Baby retic has arrived alive and well thank you thank you thank you awesome patterning as well

    Omar on 2019-07-11

    Hello, I just wanted to send a quick email and say thank you! I bought a Pacman frog from you a few weeks ago and he is absolutely perfect! I love him so much. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for my new baby. Ive been researching and wanting one for a few years now. He is a champ. Looking forward to buying from you again in the future. Hopefully next time I will be getting the frog surprise box.

    Customer on 2019-07-06

    I received my hermit crabs and they were perfect . So healthy and packed so well. I will be ordering more as well as a tortoise as soon as I get the tortoise setup. Thank you so much for these adorable hermies.

    Kim on 2019-06-24

    Thank you so much LLLReptile, I recently bought dart frogs one didnt make it in the shipping (it happens) but LLLReptile was quick to rectify the problem, customer service was kind and and genuine in their response. This is the second time ive ordered an animal i also ordered a turtle back in october of 2018 hes doing great getting huge! BUT I will not buy from another company because this company really cares about their animals and their customer. The dart frogs are doing great, so entertaining! Thanks so much for my pets and I look forward to ordering more products from you in the future!

    Eldon on 2019-06-13

    Just received our female Russian Tortoise this morning. She is exactly as promised. Wonderful packaging job. She is active and eating nicely. A pleasure doing business with your company.

    Harold on 2019-06-12

    Just wanted to let you know that my 2 barons mantellas arrived and they look healthy active and well fed Thank you

    Susan on 2019-06-12

    My Deathstalker arrived a short while ago and I was blown away. What a great, feisty specimen and the perfect size. I can't thank you enough. It is just fabulous. Color me a fan of yours.

    Ed on 2019-06-06

    Just a quick thank you for the many cricket orders i have received to feed my scorpion broods.They are all well fed. See you next time.

    Corey on 2019-05-23

    We received our Jackson Chameleon today! Thor is doing great eating, drinking and hiding is his new home!
    Thank you all for a wonderful chameleon!!

    TR on 2019-04-24

    My Pueblan milksnake arrived alive and well today! It's happily exploring its new home now. What a beautiful animal. I'm satisfied. Thank you for everything!

    Jeff on 2019-04-23

    Just wanted to say again how very happy I am with LLLReptile. I ordered a couple of pac man frog a little more than a week ago and they arrived in great health they were eating that night and I couldn't be happier. I just ordered a few things today and just thought I should let you guys know what a great job you are doing. Thanks again from myself and all my animal.

    TS on 2019-04-18

    I just wanted to thank you guys and tell you how much I appreciate what you guys did when ordering my new tegu. My new Argentine black and white is doing awesome and he is perfect. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting and type of reptiles are supplies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Customer on 2019-03-24