LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Thank you so much. My new babies arrived perfectly. This was my first online "Live Animal" order ever and what a great experience this was. I will definitely be shopping with you guys in the future. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍

    Melissa on 2021-06-07

    Hello. I ordered a green snake from you last month and I want to say that the experience was top notch. The snake arrived beautiful and healthy and I received incredible customer service the few times I called. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

    E. P. on 2021-04-19

    Hello, the Eastern Fox Snake arrived this morning! Very pleased with it. looks to be in great shape; many thanks,

    Rick on 2021-02-26

    The baby hypo leather back bearded dragon I received today was absolutely gorgeous! Thank y'all so much! He/she is already very loved.

    Customer on 2021-02-26

    I just received my order, the brown anoles and green anoles are beautiful, in great shape and very healthy. This is the 2nd time I have order from your company. Very happy with the service and the lizards. I will be ordering again. Thank You

    Customer on 2020-10-12

    I would like to thank everyone at LLLreptile for their excellent service. I received my Berbers Skink and he's super healthy and active. Please continue to do an excellent job in caring for your reptile, I also love all the Youtube videos you guys put out about your animals. Keep up the great work guys!

    Customer on 2020-10-06

    You guys are awesome. I just wanted to let you know i posted my question to 4 different companies expecting something vague that would help me in my decision. You guys answered the questions clearly and directly very fast in a way i know exactly what to do. Neither of the other companies even wrote back once in the time you guys havve twice. My purchases will be from your site when i get them soon. Thank you thank you again.

    Customer on 2020-10-01

    I have received my package and I must say once again I am a very pleased & satisfied customer Thanks LLLREPTILE

    Customer on 2020-09-30

    Hi, my frozen mice arrived in excellent condition with dry ice crystals still frozen and my snakes loved the hoppers, you are a pleasure to do business with. I will be getting an adult snake from a friend and plan on business with you again and getting small rats, my snakes and I thank you kindly

    Anita on 2020-09-18

    I got him! He is big, beautiful, and healthy.

                Thank you so much!
    Anita on 2020-09-16

    I wanted to say thank you for the amazing business you guys do. I've ordered quite a few reptiles from your company and ive never had better quality service from anyone local breeders included. I just received my crocodile gecko who was more than happy to jump his way out of the container and into the enclosure. He is gorgeous and has plenty of energy. Thank you so much for helping my family grow in our reptile keeping. Thank you for the amazing service from my family.

    SR on 2020-08-10

    Once again I am the recipient of excellent service and attention to detail. Received my box turtles today in great condition and looking wonderful. You guys are top notch at what you do and I really appreciate it!

    Cary on 2020-07-22

    You folks are the most reasonable priced reptile supply business. You also are the most polite and knowledgeable vendors at the shows. I have been a customer more than ten years, and will continue to be until my kids put me in a home.... :-)

    C. B. on 2020-07-17

    OMG that little ornate I got for my wife's birthday present is so cute. Everything arrived alive and kicking. Thanks so much for always having the best animals.

    Customer on 2020-07-08

    I just received my snake and I wanted to say he's the most beautiful thing in the world. Thank you so much for the best services. you guys are awesome!!

    Kimmy on 2020-06-05

    Just want to let you know that the three Patricias arrived super active and healthy! They look beautiful! I appreciate you guys and I look forward to buying more from y'all. Thanks!

    Customer on 2020-05-29

    So excited my pair of tomato frogs arrived healthy and happy today. They are perfect and I live as far north as u can ship...Yay thank you!

    Customer on 2020-05-15

    HELLO! I just wanted to let you know my scorpions arrived in great shape and are in very good health, THANK YOU LLLREPTILE, definitely look forward to doing business with you and again, THANK YOU!

    Customer on 2020-05-08

    I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to you! I have been ordering super worms for years and have used many distributors, you by far are the best one yet. Your packaging is far above the norm and the speed of which they were received was awesome. Not to mention they are the best looking worms I have ever received! Keep up the great work! YOU ROCK!

    Misti on 2020-05-08

    LLL reptile, Your experience and the knowledge of your team. Made it possible for me to receive a beautiful healthy pair of boa constrictors. They will surely make a great addition to my home. May 2020 be a successful year for all of you.

    Kirk on 2020-04-25

    I received my baby Savanah monitor on time and very well packed. He was a bit cold, as this is Montana, but he warmed up quick and started acting like a normal curious Savannah. He ate the first night and then quit. 2 days later he's eating again and has a huge appetite. He demands he be fed by 8am, and is a voracious eater. We just love him. And are so thrilled with LLL reptile. Thank you so much for the very bright spot you sent in these dark days. He is perfect!! I called to ask a few questions and the customer service was top notch. Thank you!!

    Jo on 2020-04-24

    Hi, I would just like to say thank you, my 2 reptiles came in super fast and in good Healthy condition.! Customer service was excellent at answering my questions, and super friendly. I look forward from buying from y'all again.

    Customer on 2020-04-24

    Hello! I just ordered a male citrus beardie from LLL and I gotta say; my experience was absolutely, unbelievably great especially for the price! The shipping was right on time and when I brought him home he was perfectly healthy, well fed, totally calm, and the exact size of animal I was anticipating. Customer service on the phone was fantastic. I love my new buddy and will definitely look to LLL for future purchases. Thank you!

    Cody on 2020-04-20

    My leopard gecko came and is loooving his new terrarium! Thank you so much for everything and the clear directions/communication with me. I was super nervous about the transportation and about housing my gecko, but the care sheets and the starter kit were great!

    Will on 2020-04-16

    Hi, I just received my baby leather back beardie. He is so tiny but fills my heart with joy! I am highly satisfied with the whole process from ordering all the way to delivery. This is my first online order of live animal's. The instructions on how to handle he or she after opening are clear and easy to follow. Thank you, I will recommend your service.

    Customer on 2020-04-15