LLLReptile customer testimonials

    Received, thanks for the service. That was my first order with you guys and I’ll order again.

    Customer on 2023-01-26

    I just wanted to say thank-you! Your customer service has been exceptional and for what it means, I will be using LLLreptile for everything that I can in the future.

    Krista C. on 2022-11-26

    I want to say thank you for being so prompt and sending such a beautiful water dragon! He/she will be so loved by the family... I will be going through your company for now on! Thank you again!!

    Customer on 2022-10-27

    So far everything is A -ok! I’m very pleased and my new pet Albino Red ear slider is doing very well in his or her new home ThankYou LLLREPTILE!! 2 thumbs up👍🏾👍🏾

    Devon on 2022-08-20

    Hi, Want to say thanks for 3 healthy animals (corn snake, bearded dragon, and ribbon snake) They arrived on time, extremely well packed, and are doing well. Same for the 2 small cups of Dubia roaches. Customer service was very pleasant and professional to deal with - will be doing business with you again in the future. Thanks!

    Mike on 2022-07-30

    Hello, We wanted to express our gratitude and Thank you for sending us a very beautiful , healthy bearded dragon and wonderful bugs and goodies for our dragon ! She is adjusting perfectly and seems to love her new home!

    Mike & Lisa on 2022-05-16

    Received my chameleon today! Nice an thick juvenile Male thanks guys!

    Customer on 2022-04-27

    All 3 MHDs arrived alive and well today. Beautiful color on all 3. 2 have their horns still which is uncommon when purchasing FC specimens. One female has a bright yellow crest which is a rarer variant. Very pleased with this purchase. Females do not appear sick or gravid. Thank you!

    Customer on 2022-04-14

    I just want to thank you so much for my red eared slider he’s amazing and just what I wanted.

    H.H. on 2022-04-05

    Thanks everything arrived I put them under heat and they are in really great condition thanks lll

    David on 2022-03-31

    I wanted to thank you so much for your time and dedication. I received him a 9 am central time. He's doing well, and basking in his tank. Thank you again 😊

    Trish on 2022-03-29

    My third purchase from LLLReptiles. Once again very satisfied with my herps. My 2nd banana is healthy and getting to know her new home. LLLReptile never disappoints. 5 stars!

    Customer on 2022-01-19

    Just wanted to say "Thank You!" My three baby kingsnakes arrived a couple of hours ago and are settled in their new homes. I know I requested females if possible, but I also know it's not easy to sex hatchlings. Almost none of our local shops will guarantee sex. I was so excited to see all three were females. They are absolutly BEAUTIFUL! And I love your rewards points program. I will definately be back and will reccomend this site at every opportunity! I couldn't be more pleased with the animals and the service

    Customer on 2022-01-17

    Good afternoon, Just wanted to say thank you for my recent order. Quality and size of the branches was better than expected especially for the price. I will definitely be ordering more in the future

    Customer on 2022-01-16

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the two Sulcata tortoises I ordered on December 8th. I have had them for a week now, and they are very healthy babies! They are eating well and enjoying their large new enclosure. Thank you!

    Customer on 2021-12-16

    Good evening, Quick note to inform you our snake arrived safely and to all appearances appears healthy and happy so far. Thanks. I have to admit I was a little nervous ordering online, but I had few options in my location. You guys did an awesome job every step of the way and I look forward to future dealings.

    Customer on 2021-12-07

    Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know that both arrived healthy, we fed the snake today and he gobbled his pinky up on first strike. I’ve never had any baby snake eat a thawed pinky so fast! The beardy is also doing great! Eating crickets and meal worms healthy as can be. I just wanted to take a second to thank you for the amazingly happy, and healthy pets we were able to add to our family from you guys!

    Julie on 2021-09-23

    Once again lm totally satisfied with my animals. My female banana ball python came in Tuesday and is doing fabulous. She's absolutely gorgeous. She's healthy and happy and made herself right at home in her new enclosure! I'm so happy with my new snake!

    Customer on 2021-09-23

    I wanted to let you know that i received my 3 smooth sided toads today and couldn't be happier. Thy are bigger than expected and in great shape i just fed them some dobia roaches and all 3 ate thank you very much

    Customer on 2021-08-02

    Hi! I ordered a baby male Sambava Panther Chameleon last week and wanted to thank you for the absolutely perfect animal. He was a day late due to a flight delay and I was so worried. Your employee, Ellen, who answered when I called was such a wonderful help. She was so patient and called UPS for me and everything turned out great. Hes settled in beautifully. He was a wedding present to my husband and arrived 2 days before our big day (last week). We were both so happy with him that we splurged and decided to buy the baby Indian star tortoise a few days later. He arrived yesterday morning and is perfect! It was a tad nerve wracking to spend so much money on an animal we did not see in person and have it shipped to NY. We are beyond happy with that choice. We wanted to thank you for them both. You have 2 new customers for life!

    E.S. on 2021-06-23

    Thank you so much. My new babies arrived perfectly. This was my first online "Live Animal" order ever and what a great experience this was. I will definitely be shopping with you guys in the future. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍

    Melissa on 2021-06-07

    Hello. I ordered a green snake from you last month and I want to say that the experience was top notch. The snake arrived beautiful and healthy and I received incredible customer service the few times I called. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

    E. P. on 2021-04-19

    Hello, the Eastern Fox Snake arrived this morning! Very pleased with it. looks to be in great shape; many thanks,

    Rick on 2021-02-26

    The baby hypo leather back bearded dragon I received today was absolutely gorgeous! Thank y'all so much! He/she is already very loved.

    Customer on 2021-02-26

    I just received my order, the brown anoles and green anoles are beautiful, in great shape and very healthy. This is the 2nd time I have order from your company. Very happy with the service and the lizards. I will be ordering again. Thank You

    Customer on 2020-10-12