AVS Lizards.Take a journey through the land of lizards with this fantastic book! Inside, you'll learn about what makes each lizard different and hwy all lizards are super cool pets. Find step-by-step instructions on how to care for lizards, exciting facts about your scaly friends, and what lizards want to eat. (You won't want to share your pet's inner, that's for sure!) Discover why some tree-dwelling lizards have sticky feet and why the bearded dragon puffs out its throat flap to create the "beard" that inspires its name.

This jam-packed guide includes tons of info!

  • The five hottest cold-blooded lizards for young herpetoculturists

  • Where to find lizards and all the stuff they need

  • How to make a vivarium as fun for your lizard as your room is for you

  • Fun activities and stickers!

Lizards covers everything kids need to know--from basic care and feeding to how to house their lizards, how to detect illnesses and parasites, and how to decorate their pets' vivaria to make them feel at home. With colorful photos and interesting facts, Lizards is sure to be a favorite book in every young herpetoculturist's library!

The Beginning Vivarium Systems series is from the publishers of Reptiles magazine and Advanced Vivarium Systems books. Look for more BVS titles on exotic animals that can hop, slide, or sssslither into your life! As your experience in the hobby grows, you can move on to the Advanced Vivarium Systems books, the #1 books on reptile care.

Size: 120 pages