Land Hermit Crabs

AVS Land Hermit Crabs. Inside this newly updated edition, renowned invertebrate and reptile expert Philippe De Vosjoli provides the most current information on keeping land hermit crabs. Their easy care and fascinating shells make these palm-sized crabs the most popular invertebrate pet. Here you'll find essential advice on topics such as selecting healthy crabs, feeding, regular maintenance, molting, and health care. Among the brand-new content for this edition are color photographs of an exciting shell swap series and excellent visual aids for proper "crabitat" design and do-it-yourself shell painting. Your Herpetocultural Library is not complete without this new edition of Land Hermit Crabs brought to you by the experts at Advanced Vivarium Systems.

At the root of the high mortality rate of captive hermit crabs is the failure to provide the proper environment and the lack of knowledge concerning their requirements. Did you know that hermit crabs carry their water supply sealed within their shells? Access to the right type of water is critical for refills. Did you know that hermit crabs may live more than 30 years? Find all the essential information you need to keep these strange and entertaining creatures thriving

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Size: 56 pages

Land Hermit Crabs