AVS Snakes. Snakes covers everything kids need to know--from basic care and feeding to how to house their snakes, how to detect illnesses and parasites, and how to decorate their pets' vivaria to make them feel at home. With colorful photos, interesting facts, and cool stickers, Snakes is sure to be a favorite book in every young herpetoculturist's library!

Take a trip trough the world of snakes with this terrific book! Despite what you may think, snakes aren't slippery or slimy-and plenty of snakes make great pets for kids! Inside, you'll learn fascinating snake myths and facts and meet colorful corn snake, the gentle california kingsnake, and more! You'll also find out all about caring for pet snakes, including what to feed them, how to house them ( and make sure they don't escape!), and how to keep them healthy. Discover how snakes can open their jaws so wide to eat and why they flick out their tongues!

This jam packed guide included tons of info!

-The coolest snakes for young herpetoculturists ages 8-13

-How to find snakes in the wild, at pet stores, and at reptile expos

-How to set up an escape-proof enclosure that's comfortable for your snake

-Fun activities and stickers!

The Beginning Vivarium Systems series is from the publishers of Reptiles magazine and Advanced Vivarium Systems books. Look for more BVS titles on exotic animals that can hop, slide, or sssslither into your life! As your experience in the hobby grows, you can move on to the Advanced Vivarium Systems books, the #1 books on reptile care.

Size: 120 pages