Edible Insects Variety Pack (5)

Edible Insects Variety Pack (5)

Great for stocking stuffers! 5 piece variety pack may include a variety of the following: Chocolate Covered crickets and mealworms, flavored freeze dried "Crickettes", flavored freeze dried "Larvettes" (mealworms), ant candy with Chocolate Flavored ants, and flavored suckers with real crickets, scorpions and mealworms inside! All totally edible! We will ship you an assortment of 5 different items

Size: 5 pieces

Edible Insects Variety Pack (5)
Comes with

1x Chocolate Covered Insects

1x Crick-Ettes- Freeze Dried Crickets

1x Hotlix Mealworm Suckers

1x Hotlix Scorpion Suckers

1x Larvets- Original Worm Snax