Boas In Captivity

Boas in Captivity was written by Vincent Russo to help educate herpetoculturists and hobbyist about natural history of Boa Constrictor and also their captive care including housing, feeding, health issues, breeding, and raising of healthy young boas. The fascinating color morphs and pattern anomalies that occur are presented in text and beautiful photos in the photo gallery.

Boa Constrictor are indigenous to Central America and South America. These complex snakes have the largest geographic range of any reptile on Earth, spanning two continents from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico to Argentina, comprising a geographic range of over 6 million square miles. Their habitats range from lowland desert oases to mountainous rainforests.

Vincent Russo has been keeping snakes since he was a small boy. In recent years, has revealed himself as one of the top boa breeders in the world with a collection that includes some of the most amazing color morphs and patterns anomalies seen anywhere. Russo presents in Boas in Captivity everything a keeper will need to know to properly house and care for these amazing reptile pets.

Size: 108 pages

Boas In Captivity