Pinky & Fuzzy Mice Combo Pack

Price Includes Shipping You can NOT alter the quantites. Orders will be half pinky and half fuzzy mice.

  • 50 pack will include 25 pinky mice and 25 fuzzy mice.
  • 100 pack will include 50 pinky mice and 50 fuzzy mice
  • 200 pack will include 100 pinky mice and 100 fuzzy mice
  • 500 pack will include 250 pinky mice and 250 fuzzy mice

Our rats and mice are fed a high quality rodent diet. All of our rodents are packed in sealed or ziplocked bags for easy access.

Note: Price includes overnight shipping charge. Rodents are shipped Wednesday, Fed Ex overnight, and arrive on Thursday (holidays can change this). All rodent orders must be placed by Sunday night, midnight, to receive them the next week.

Pinky & Fuzzy Mice Combo Pack