Nature Zone Meat Lovers Bites 1 Gallon

Nature Zone Meat Lovers Bites 1 Gallon

CONVENIENT: These BITE sized ¼ inch cubes are soft gel food ready to eat. No slicing, dicing, soaking, dusting or other preparation required by the user.

NUTRITIOUS: “Bites” are made with natural ingredients (dehydrated chicken, dehydrated chicken liver, dehydrated whole egg, whey protein & milk solids, soy protein, etc.) which not only provide protein, protein (whey protein & milk solids, soy protein), but contain minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.), and vitamins (D,C,B1,B6,B12, etc.) and nutraceuticals (beta-carotene, Yucca schidigera, etc.) and moisture for the reptile. The isolated proteins and carbohydrates makes MEATLOVERS BITES easily digested by both juveniles and adults, helping the carnivorous reptile get the most nutritive value from MEAT LOVERS BITES..

They offer “A Complete Meal in a BITE!”

FUNCTIONAL: The nutraceutical (Yucca schidigera ) ingredients in MEAT LOVERS BITES, assist in digestion and even decrease the levels of ammonia in the reptiles waste. A full compliment of minerals and vitamins present in the natural ingredients which make up MEAT LOVERS BITES, assures strong bones in juveniles and a balanced diet for adults After all… there is more to life than just Calcium! Carotenoids have been added to enhance the natural colors of the animal and provide a safe precursor for Vitamin A.

APPEALING: Formulated with a specific flavor, scent, and color which has been found to be a strong feeding stimulus and attractant to carnivorous reptiles, guaranteeing they receive maximum benefit from the food!

Whether used as a complete meal or an appetite stimulating “add-in” or treat, MEAT LOVERS BITES assist in providing healthy nutrition for carnivorous reptiles. These Bites are suitable for any carnivorous reptiles such as Monitors, Tegus, Skinks, Alligators, Caimans, Box Turtle, etc.

Size: 1 Gallon

Nature Zone Meat Lovers Bites 1 Gallon