Harvester Ants

Harvester Ants

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How do I keep the Ants? The easiest way is to just leave them in the shipping conatiner and store them in a Refrigerator. The cold will slow the ants way down and they may even go into hibernation. This makes it easy to keep them and easy to take ants out when it's time for feeding to your lizard. As the ants warm up they will start to move around faster again. It's a good idea to check the temperature of your fridge. 40 to 45 degrees is optimal.

If you are not able to keep them in a refrigerator, you can set up a different type of home for the ants. You can use plastic tubs that are about 2 feet by 3 feet by 6 inches deep or something similar. You will want a lid on top with about 10 small air holes in it. Harvester ants are not good climbers and should not be able to climb up smooth glass or plastic so aquariums or other similar habitats can be used as well. Cover the bottom of the habitat with a few inches of sand. Play box sand, beach sand, or landscaping sand works fine. Spray the sand with a little water (a spray bottle works reall well for this) to get the sand a little moist before placing your ants into the container.

What do I feed the ants? If you are keeping the ants in the fridge they won't need much food or water. We ship a little food in the container with the ants.

If you are not keeping the ants in the fridge you will need to feed and water them regularly. Harvester ants will eat almost anything but their favorite foods are fresh vegetables and fruits. Feed them small pieces of celery, apple, lettuce, carrot, etc... Feed them small pieces about every other day. If some of the food is not eaten after 2 days remove it from the ant "house" as it can get moldy and be harmful to the ants.

What about water for the ants? If you are keeping the ants in the fridge you probably won't need to worry about giving them water. If you aren't keeping the ants in the fridge they will need water every day. Using a spray bottle, spray a mist of water onto the ants and sand once a day to keep the sand a little moist and give the ants some water. Don't spray too much or the ants may start to drown in the flood.

Attention Oregon residents. We are unable to ship these to you anymore due to your state law changes. Sorry about that!

Size: 1/4"

Harvester Ants