Tarantulas & Scorpions in Captivity

Tarantulas & Scorpions in Captivity

The Keeping of invertebrates as pets is growing across the planet. Tarantulas and scorpions are at the front of this exciting movement.

The keeping and breeding of captive tarantulas and scorpions is truly an art form. The number of captive invertebrates available to hobbyists worldwide id directly related to the breeding programs being established by keepers. Probably more than any other section of the exotic pet market, the invertebrate off spring produced by breeders pressure off of the wild populations. These wild populations are under extreme pressure from deforestation, pollution, and habitat destruction. The need to be able to properly take care of tarantulas and scorpions in captivity is important to their future to the hobby.

With this book, we hope to inspire new keepers and to share some of our expertise with successfully keeping and breeding the most interesting species of tarantulas and scorpions being kept in captivity. Included are helpful hints for successful husbandry and breeding, and tips that have helped keepers maintain some of the most exciting invertebrates in captivity.

Size: 102 pages

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