Zoo Med Easy-Fold Tortoise Yard (local pickup only)

Zoo Med’s Tortoise Yard is an excellent tool to offer enriching outdoor time for many species of pet reptiles. Grazing on fresh grasses and weeds is very beneficial for herbivores and omnivores. Basking in natural, unfiltered sunlight provides many benefits for health and wellness.

Provide a safe, protected space for grazing, exercising, natural basking, and other enrichment.

1⁄2″ x 1⁄2″ wire mesh keeps pets contained and protects them from predators while enjoying outside time.

Solid wood top and side panels provide shaded area with protection from sun and wind.

No assembly needed! Yard folds out easily and can be moved as sun, shade, and food opportunities shift.

Folds flat (63″ x 24″ x 5.5″) for storage and moving.

Lockable top opening provides easy access for animal care.

Large, 63” x 47” space encourages exploration, movement, and exercise.

**Due to it's size, this item can not be shipped. It can be ordered into any of our retail stores for pickup.

Size: 63 x 47 inches

This product is only available for local pickup in our retail stores.