Arcadia Heat Projector 80 watts

Arcadia Heat Projector 80 watts

This Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projector provides essential Infra-Red A and Infra-Red B. Infrared-A and Infrared-B provide heat deep within the muscle tissues, warming the animal throughout just as it would in the wild. You can feel this as the warm , tingly feeling that you experience when you walk out into natural sunlight if you put your hand safely in front of the lamp.


Using cutting edge technology to produce the most natural and effective wavelengths of Infra-Red being Infra-Red-A and Infra-Red-B. These wavelengths have been almost impossible to replicate in-balance within a small lamp up until now. Mimics heat from the sun using the latest in heating technology Provides heat deep into the muscle tissue Will not disturb night-time cycles Wider/safer beam of heat Projects Infrared A and B

Size: 80 watts

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