Arcadia 14% UVB T5 Bulb - 22"

Arcadia 14% UVB T5 Bulb - 22"

The 14% UV bulbs are great for doing free range tortoise enclosures and other similar applications. They even give great UV at a distance of TWO FEET!

You can hang up over floor and provide UV areas in square feet .. not square inches! Suspend and adjust over breeding banks of cages. They can be hung one to two feet over cages. Then height adjust to get exact UV levels needed in Beardie, Uromastyx cages. Also can be hung 16" - 24" over whole banks of screen chameleon cages.

They are economical to use because they can UV square feet--not just a few square inches

CAUTION More is not always better! The 14% bulb is not recommended for close distance (on top of a cage) use as it may be too much UV for most species. This bulb is designed to be used at greater distances over larger areas than the lower output bulbs. Ideally the UV output is dialed in with a UV meter in these circumstances.

Requires T-5 HO (High Output) Fixture.

Size: 22"

Arcadia 14% UVB T5 Bulb - 22"