Vision 1755 Breeding Rack 10 Level

  • Allows for 10 32 quart Sterilite 1755 brand tubs! (TUBS NOT INCLUDED and we do not offer them for sale. Make sure you can find these Sterilite 1755 32 Quart tubs before you order this rack. You can usually find them at Target)
  • The combination of rigid steel poles with injection molded High Impact ABS plastic ceiling panels makes for a durable, light weight construction with absolutely no bowing.
  • You can use Zoo Med Heat Cable with this rack, but it is NOT included in the base model. It comes with the premium loaded package, or you can order it separately from us.
  • Castor Wheels are included
  • Extremely easy to assemble! Only a 9/16" wrench is needed. Everything else just slides together!
  • Shipping is INCLUDED IN THE COST
  • Tubs are not included
  • See pictures below for more information!

  • The optional premium package for this rack includes the heat cable and 10 6" Riveted Rear Stops. You can choose to add this option below

These racks typically take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive and there is no "rush" option. Please plan ahead!

Size: 78.63 inches tall (Rack Footprint: 18.75" x 26")

Vision 1755 Breeding Rack 10 Level