Fruit Fly Cultures (either melanogaster, hydei or golden hydei)

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Fruit fly cultures are a great, long lasting food source for small frogs and baby lizards. Our Fly Cultures at LLLReptile last up to two months!! We have the best cultures available ANYWHERE!

  • Drosophila melanogaster stay smaller, but reproduce quicker. Drosophila hydei get a bit larger, but produce a bit slower. Golden Hyde are albino so it makes it easier for frogs and small animals to see them since they stand out against dark soils.

  • Store at ROOM TEMPERATURE up to 80 degrees. Higher temperatures than this can cause little or no production of flies. Cooler temps slow their reproduction time. Allow the cultures 2-4 days to produce before feeding off (hydei do take longer)

  • YOU MUST ORDER BY MONDAY MORNING, 9AM pacific time TO GET THEM THIS WEEK. Otherwise, they will ship out the NEXT MONDAY

  • These cultures are the BEST ANYWHERE. We have tested them ALL, and these produce the most and last the longest!

  • Ideal for frogs, baby chameleons, baby geckos, small insects and more!

  • These last for weeks, and even up to a few months! You can purchase fruit fly media and keep them going even longer

  • We do NOT guarantee live arrival in arrival temperatures below 35 or above 90 degrees. If the box is left at your door and they overheat or freeze, we also can not guarantee them. Your best bet is to have them shipped to a business address, or somewhere you know someone will be available to receive the package

Note: **Fruit fly cultures are often brand new without lots of production. You should not expect to have thousands of fruit flies upon arrival. They take time to start producing again after shipping, so please be prepared ahead of time if you have babies**

Fruit Fly Cultures (either melanogaster, hydei or golden hydei)