Isopod Cultures (Trichorhina tomentosa - Dwarf White)

Isopod Cultures  (Trichorhina tomentosa - Dwarf White)

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Isopods are great feeder insects for animals that require small prey items, such as dart frogs. Isopods also make great tank janitors in naturalistic vivaria. Isopods are great for controlling mold in tarantula vivariums! Orders ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week.

  • We do NOT guarantee live arrival in temps below 35 or above 90 degrees. If the box is left at your door and they overheat or freeze, we also can not guarantee them. Your best bet is to have them shipped to a business address, or somewhere you know someone will be available to receive the package

Size: 12 ounce containers with about 12 - 16 per container

Species: Trichorhina tomentosa

Isopod Cultures (Trichorhina tomentosa - Dwarf White)