MistKing Advanced Misting System

Advanced Misting System with a 3/8" Backbone is a significantly more powerful system than the starter or ultimate. Unless you're going to exceed 20 nozzles, we do not recommend upgrading to this misting system. Features a pump capable of pressures up to 125psi. Supports from 10 to 70+ nozzles of your choice. Actual number of nozzles depends on the complexity of the system. Pump can run continuously for hours at a time, EVEN DRY! These pumps are manufactured specifically for MistKing and are very robust.

Kit includes: 125 psi Diaphragm pump with 24V Power adapter 3/8" reservoir bulkhead 35 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing (to connect nozzles) 15 feet of 3/8" black opaque tubing (to connect reservoir to pump and run nozzle 3/8" backbone) 3/8" pump fittings (on the reservoir side of the pump and nozzle side) 12 Value "T" Misting Assemblies (see link) 3 Value "L" Misting Assemblies (see link) 2 Reducing Tee Connections (3/8" to 1/4")(see link) 1 Reducing Elbow Connections (3/8" to 1/4")(see link) 20 1/4" Tubing Clips 10 3/8" Tubing Clips Seconds timer Installation instructions

This kit can be used as is, just get a suitable size reservoir. If you intend to use more nozzles, we recommend extending the 3/8" tubing backbone and adding some extra Reducing Tee (link) connections and then splitting into 1/4" lines that will feed the individual misting assemblies. Alternatively you can use a 7 port manifold fed by 3/8" tubing or a combination of both.

We suggest using this kit as the backbone for a custom misting system. Just add parts, nozzles, tubing and expand on this work horse.

MistKing Advanced Misting System