Small Jacksons Chameleons

Small Jacksons Chameleons

Well started juveniles

QUICK JACKSONS CHAMELEON CARE TIPS * Tall screen terrariums work best. We carry Zoo Med or Exo Terra brand, and these guys will need the 36 - 48" tall as adults. * Lots of foliage. Fake vines work well and we carry lots of options in our catalog. * Basking temps 80 - 82 degrees tops. Have a good thermometer (or infrared temperature gun) and use a ceramic heat fixture along with a basking bulb (for a 48 inch tall terrarium, the 75 watt basking bulbs work well - either Zoo Med or Exo Terra brands, but again, check your temps!) * UVB - Use either Arcadia 6% High Output or Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 High Output Bulbs * Calcium. Use any brand of calcium with NO D3 every other feeding (usually about 3 times a week). We use Rep Cal, Zoo Med or Repashy Brands. We also use Calcium with D3 a few times a month as well. * Vitamins. We use Zoo Med Reptivite, Rep Cal Herptivite or Repashy once to twice a month.

Size: 4 - 6"

Species: Trioceros jacksonii

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