Vision V28 5 Level Rack

  • Allows for 5 V-28 Vision Tubs
  • The combination of rigid steel poles with injection molded High Impact ABS plastic ceiling panels makes for a durable, light weight construction with absolutely no bowing.
  • You can use Zoo Med Heat Cable with this rack, but it is NOT included in the base model. The premium loaded package includes a 52 foot heat cable, or you can order it separately from us.
  • Castor Wheels are included
  • Extremely easy to assemble! Only a 9/16" wrench is needed. Everything else just slides together!
  • Shipping is INCLUDED IN THE COST
  • Tubs are not included (sold separately - you can add on here or skip for now)
  • See pictures below for more information!

  • The optional premium package for this rack includes 5 of the V-28 tubs, 52 foot heat cable, the guides and the stops. You can choose to add this option below

These racks typically take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive and there is no "rush" option. Please plan ahead!

Size: 42.31" tall with casters. (Rack Footprint: 18.75" x 26")

Vision V28 5 Level Rack