Cupped Hissing Roaches added to your live reptile order

Cupped Hissing Roaches added to your live reptile order

This is 1 cup of 8 Small Hissers, 4 Medium Hissers or 2 Large Hissers shipped WITH any live reptile order. We can fit up to TWO of these in a box with your new geckos, lizards or any live reptile, NOT other feeders. MUST be with a live reptile order only. If you order only this cup with no reptiles, it will not be shipped and we will refund you. ONLY order them WITH a live reptile!

  • You CAN mix and match two feeder containers with a live reptile order. Meaning - you can get cupped Hissers AND 50 mealworms. Or - you can get 50 waxworms and 1 Fruit Fly Culture. But it is a total of two per box.

  • Store at room temperature up to 88 degrees and these will do GREAT. They will last in this cup for 2 - 4 weeks. The cups come WITH a food source already in them. They live for 1+ year, are super durable, are full of protein, don't smell, don't bite. Overall the IDEAL feeder insect!

  • Ideal for Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, Frogs and any other insect eating reptile!

  • Great price with NO additional shipping!

  • Make sure to get Dubia Chow, Dubia Water Crystals and Dubia Dishes so you can gutload your Hissers and easily feed them to your reptiles! (Dubia Chow & Water are designed for Hissers as well!)

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