Snakes - A Comprehensive Introduction

Snakes - A Comprehensive Introduction

A comprehensive introduction to the biology and natural history of snakes.

Authoritative and up-to-date text, abundant full-color photographs and worldwide coverage of species make Snakes an excellent source of information for all readers. From garter snakes and vipers to boas and pythons, Snakes describes the biology and natural history of snakes, highlighting the variety and complexity of this group that includes almost 3,000 living species.

Snakes describes this ecologically important group of animals in easily understood text that covers:

Anatomy and locomotion Senses Unusual behaviors Lifestyle Diet Reproduction Habitat Conservation status. The book gives worldwide coverage of snake species, with the use of examples from around the globe, including:

Primitive burrowing snakes Sunbeam snakes Boas and pythons The Round Island boa Dwarf boas File snakes Burrowing asps Rat snakes, racers, garter snakes and relatives Cobras, coral snakes, kraits, taipans and sea snakes Vipers. This stunningly illustrated guide to the snakes of the world shows that they are a vital group of animals that should be valued and admired rather than feared and hated. It is an essential reference that should not be missed.

Size: 144 pages. paperback

Snakes - A Comprehensive Introduction