Crested Gecko Complete Cage Setup

Crested Gecko Complete Cage Setup

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING CHARGES The complete Crested Gecko setup includes: Zoo Med 16 x 16 x 20 Screen Cage, 4 quarts Bark Bedding, Small Rock Water Bowl, Mini Heat Lamp Fixture, 50 watt Exoterra Moon Heat Bulb, T-Rex Crested Gecko Food, and a Large (8 - 12") tropical plant! This setup is ideal for crested geckos!

Size: 16 x 16 x 20" Screen Cage

Note: **includes shipping charges**

Crested Gecko Complete Cage Setup
Comes with

1x Exo Terra 50 Watt Night Heat Lamp

1x Pet Tekk Large tropical plant

1x Pet Tekk Small rock bowl

1x T Rex Crested Gecko Super Food Diet

1x Zilla Mini Ceramic Dome Lamp 5.5 inch

1x Zoo Med Small Repti Breeze Aluminum Screen Cage