Reptile Husbandry Tools

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Telescoping Pocket Snake Hook

Size: 6" to 24"

Pocket Hook that expands from 6" to 24" with a 1 1/2" opening. Good for small snakes.

38" snake hook

Size: 38"

38" Snake Hook with 3" hook opening.

38" Golf Snake Hook

Size: 38"

38" hook with a 4 1/2" opening and a soft grip handle.

2 1/2" Pet Nail Trimming Scissors

Size: 2 1/2"

Stainless Steel, Surgical Grade Reptile Grooming Scissors, perfect for trimming nails


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Set of 5 sexing probes in a nice case. **SUPER SALE**

8" tweezers

Size: 8"

Stainless steel tweezers with nice rubber tips.

12" Tweezers

Size: 12 inches

Stainless steel tweezers with nice rubber tips.

Pinky Pump Feeding Attachments Set

Size: 5 pieces

5 different sizes, includes carrying case

Pinky Pump

Stainless steel. The Pinkie Pump is used for liquefying pinkies to force feed snakes and lizards up to ten pinkies at once. Our pinky pump is extremely durable, and very basic to use!