Reptile Breeding Racks

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Vivarium Electronics CB70 3 Tub Series 2 Rack

Size: 34.5" Deep x 19.25" Wide x 19" Tall

This easy-to-use rack allows for 3 of the CB-70 tubs (approximately 40 quarts). Plenty of space for ball pythons, colubrids and other medium sized snakes! Tubs are INCLUDED with this rack!

Vision Boa Tub

Size: 40" x 30" x 9.5"

To be used for the Vision Boa Rack, or can be used for smaller tortoises too!

Zoo Med 52 foot Repti Heat Cable

Size: 52 feet, 150 watts

Perfect heat source for heating rack units or multiple cages! Great for wrapping around wood in cages. Water resistant.

Vivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat

Size: 700 watt capacity. Proportional (pulse)

This proportional thermostat has all the same features as the 200, but has the night drop BUILT IN, and high low alarms as well. Holds up to 700 watts

Vivarium Electronics VE-100 Thermostat

Size: 700 watt capacity

Great thermostat that allows up to 700 watts, full digital display, power failure backup memory, allows for a night drop module and more!

Vivarium Electronics VE-200 Thermostat

Size: 700 watt capacity. Proportional (pulse)

This proportional thermostat holds up to 700 watts, fully lit digital display, night drop capability, grounded receptacle, hi/lo history & more!

Vivarium Electronics Night Drop Module

Night Drop Module for use with the VE-100 and VE-200 thermostats. This module will require a simple light timer available from Walmart and other retailers to operate.

Vivarium Electronics VE-300x2 Dual Zone Thermostat

Size: 900 watt capacity. Proportional (pulse)

The 300x2 proportional thermostat has two independent heating zones and allows up to 900 watts along with all of the other same great features!