Common Kingsnakes

AVS The General Care and Maintenance of Common Kingsnakes. Common kingsnakes, particularly the California Kingsnake, are amoung the most popular and widely kept snakes in herpetoculture. Their beauty, moderate size, ease of maintenance, and relative docility have made them one of the most recommended snake species for the beginning hobbyist. In addition, common kingsnakes will readily breed in captivity and a wide variety of subspecies, geographical variants, and color and pattern morphs have been established by both hobbyist and commercial breeders. Relatively few snakes can match the crisp beauty and the display appeal of an outstanding desert phase California Kingsnake of the variety of colors and patterns found in these North American snakes.

Kingsnakes are some of the most beautiful and hardy of all pet snakes. Author David Perlowin has assembled one of the most thorough books on the husbandry, captive breeding of these popular North American snakes. Common medical problems are covered. Most subspecies and morphs are represented through many color photographs. One of the best on the subject.

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Size: 71 pages

Common Kingsnakes