Vision Cage Packages

Our Vision cage setups include everything to get your new reptile started.

  • $299.99 each

Size: 24" W x 22" D x 14" H Vision Cage

The 211 Ultimate Snake Package includes the V211 Vision Cage, compact light fixture, bulb, bedding, water bowl, heat pad, digital thermometer, habba hut XL Hide and INCLUDES all shipping charges!

  • $599.99 each

Size: 36" W x 28" D x 18" H Vision Cage

This package includes the 332 Vision Cage, T5 Fluorescent Hood, ReptiSun UVB Bulb, Heat Lamp, Heat Bulb, Heat Pad, Digital Thermometer, Bedding, Water bowl, Habba Hut Hide, Calcium, Cactus Plant & INCLUDES ALL shipping!