Snake Books

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of books covering not only individual species, but general care and breeding references as well.

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  • $6.59 each

Size: 88 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli, Roger Klingenberg, DVM, David Barker, Tracy Barker

  • $8.99 each

Size: 101 pages

By: Kevin McCurley

  • $9.99 each

Size: 128 pages

By Colette Sutherland

  • $6.59 each

Size: 80 pages

By: Philippe de Vosjoli and Roger Kilingenberg, D.V.M

  • $8.99 each

Size: 94 pages

Patricia Bartlett, Ernie Wagner, 96 pages

  • $5.79 each

Philippe de Vosjoli, 106 pages

  • $8.99 each

Size: 108 pages

By: Vincent Russo

  • $6.59 each

Size: 71 pages

By: David Perlowin

  • $6.59 each

Size: 88 pages

By: David Perlowin

  • $8.99 each

Size: 92 pages

By: Bob Applegate

  • $6.99 each

Size: 127 pages

This book provides essential information on every variety of milksnake, plus instructions on long-term care and maintenance. Milksnakes includes information on housing, selection, diet, breeding, health, and much more.

  • $8.99 each

Size: 127 pages

RD Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett, 104 pages

  • $8.99 each

Size: 113 pages

By: Don Soderberg

  • $10.99 each

Size: 227 pages

By: Bill & Kathy Love

  • $9.99 each

Size: 128 pages

By Philip Purser

  • $15.99 each

Size: 144 pages

Lots of photos. By Bill Branch

  • $16.99 each

Size: 193 pages softback

By John Cann. Tells the colourful and often tragic story of the men and women who brought large crowds to fairgrounds to watch them handle dangerous snakes!

  • $12.99 each

Size: 169 pages Softback

By Donald Wheeler

  • $45.95 each

Size: 350 pages

By Laurence Klauber

  • $54.99 each

Size: 317 pages

by Guido Kreiner

  • $34.99 each

Size: 271 pages

by Chris Mattison

  • $31.99 each

Size: 349 pages

Author: Harry W. Greene

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Size: 312 pages

by Ruud de Lang and Gernot Vogel

  • $9.99 each

Size: 120 pages

By: Russ Case

  • $19.95 each

Size: 96 pages

By Brian Hubbs & Brendan O'Connor. Color photos of all native species and tons of great info!

  • $44.99 each

Size: 300 pages

By Brian Hubbs. Based on twenty years of compiling detailed information, this is the first guide to the Natural History of the fifteen different Mountain Kingsnakes in one source.

  • $59.99 each

Size: 436 pages

By Brian Hubbs. All subspecies covered from coast to coast. Contains 560 photos, over 400 in color, over 40 range maps, and 436 pgs (115 of which are dedicated to the California Kingsnake). Softcover

  • $13.99 each

Size: 117 pages - soft cover

By Will Bird and Phil Peak

  • $24.99 each

Size: 160 pages - soft cover

By Michael S. Price

  • $69.99 each

Size: 160 pages. Hard cover

By Patrick David and Gernot Vogel. Text in both English & German. This volume covers the venomous snakes of Europe, ranging into Western, Northern and Central Asia.

  • $29.99 each

Size: 307 pages Soft cover

Over 300 pages packed with details of natural history, identification, venom toxicity, and more! Over 200 breathtaking photographs, maps, and images. Detailed accounts and range maps for each species and subspecies found in the US and Canada

  • $29.99 each

Size: 160 Pages

By Mark O'Shea. Explores the secret world of venomous snakes and contains thrilling details of O'Shea's own encounters with snakes

  • $29.99 each

Size: 184 pages

By Randy Limburg, Bob Montoya & Gerold Merker. Full color with tons of great info & pictures!

  • $14.99 each

Size: 68 pages

By Emmett Snellings Jr.

  • $35.99 each

Size: 225 pages

By Joshua Holbrook

  • $9.99 each

Size: 32 pages

Hazel Hutchins; Art by Tina Holdcroft. A great childrens book! Rufus the farmyard dog first notices the strangely shaped snakes on the ground outside his house. The word they form with their bodies, DOG, looks oddly familiar...

  • $19.99 each

Size: 144 pages. paperback

by David Gower, Katherine Garrett and Peter Stafford. A comprehensive introduction to the biology and natural history of snakes.

  • $109.95 each

Size: 770 pages. Hardcover

By Kevin McCurley. The Ultimate Ball Python: Morph Maker Guide features over 770 pages and 1,200 color photos of the most unique and eye-popping Ball Python morphs on the market today.

  • $54.99 each

Size: 250 pages - hardcover

The Complete Children's Python: A Comprehensive Guide to the Natural History, Care and Breeding of Antaresia species is the newest addition to "The Complete..." series of books from Eco in the USA.

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Size: 101 pages. Hardcover

By Greg Maxwell. In The More Complete Chondro, internationally known "chondro" breeder Greg Maxwell provides a through reference about this beautiful and challenging species.

  • $54.99 each

Size: 339 pages - hardcover

by Nick Mutton and Justin Julander, PhD with a special chapter on advanced reproduction by Dr. Benson Morrill

  • $54.99 each

Size: 291 pages

By Dusty Rhoads, A Comprehensive Guide to the Natural History, Care, and Breeding of the Trans-Pecos Ratsnake

  • $79.95 each

Size: 280 pages. Softback

By Scott Eipper.

  • $18.99 each

By Brian Hubbs. Paperback

  • $68.99 each

Size: 216 pages

Written by Adam Elliott, with contributing authors, Dr Robert Johnson presenting the Health and Disease chapter, and Dr Justin Julander presenting the Taxonomy, Hybridisation and Morphs sections, the information is aimed at all levels of expertise

  • $28.99 each

Size: 322 pages

By Michael Price

This movie features Slash, Chad Brown, Henry Lizardlover, Brian Sharp & more! Suitable for ALL ages. DVD is in widescreen. We at LLL watched this. It is really well done, and entertaining. Makes a great gift!

Herpers 2 takes us across North America visiting some of the biggest reptile names in the industry - including a behind the scenes tour of LLLReptile!

Herpers III: Tales from the Field, the third installment on the most popular documentary franchise on the great reptile culture, brings us all over the world in search of reptiles and amphibians in the natural habitats.

  • $98.99 each

By Robert Stuebing, Robert Inger, Bjorn Lardner.

Size: 251 pages

By Warren Treacher. Contents include Morphology, Taxonomy, Natural History, North American Breeding History, Rufescens, Husbandry, Breeding, Genetics, Health Issues, Additional Sandboa Species and Morph Gallery. Softcover.

  • $79.99 each

Size: hardcover, 571 pages

By Dick Visser. 647 colour photos, 4 black-and-white photos, 34 color drawings, 27 line drawings, 25 diagrams, 2 tables and 81 distribution maps.

  • $65.99 each

Size: 400 pages. Hardcover

By Robert Henderson. More than 400 pages, more than 300 color photos, most of which never published before.

Size: 572 pages

Snakes of Mexico describes all 390 species known from the country. With distribution maps to all species and more than 600 color photographs, this book is designed for use by researchers and conservationists as well as by ecotourists and the general publi