Medical Books, Encyclopedias, and Misc.

Here you will find our selection of books covering reptile medicine, as well as encyclopedias and miscellaneous titles. We have books for beginners as well as those designed for more advanced hobbyists.

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Reptiles Magazine Current Issue

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Whats Wrong With My Snake

Great book for diagnosing illness. by John Rossi, DVM, Roxanne Rossi. 156 pages

  • $10.49 each
Reproductive Husbandry of Pythons and Boas

Size: 270 pages

We have just a few softback copies of this book left now. The covers are a bit dinged up from sitting around - but you can't get this book anywhere! Just a few left - once they are gone - they are gone.

  • $99.00 each
Reptiles, Amphibians & Invertebrates 2nd Edition

Size: 280 pages

Hobbyists will appreciate this pictorial identification guide and basic husbandry manual covering more than 250 species, subspecies, and color morphs of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.

  • $16.99 $12.50 each
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25 Best Reptile & Amphibian Pets

Size: 155 pages

This book offers enthusiasts detailed advice and information on everything from choosing and acquiring an animal to its feeding, housing, breeding, and health care.

  • $12.99 each
Field Guide to Amphibians & Reptiles of San Diego

Size: 344 pages

By Jeffrey Lemm

  • $25.99 each
Amphibians & Reptiles of La Selva, Costa Rica

Size: 420 pages

Amphibians and Reptiles of La Selva, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Slope. By Craig Guyer and Maureen Donnelly

  • $24.99 each
The New Encyclopedia of Snakes

Size: 271 pages

by Chris Mattison

  • $34.99 each
The Encyclopedia of Animals- Complete Visual Guide

Size: 607 pages

An Enclyclopedic survey of all the animal groups, more than 2000 illustrations!

  • $39.99 each
A Photographic Guide: Snakes of East Africa

Size: 144 pages

by Bill Branch, A Photographic Guide to Snakes and other Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa

  • $15.99 each
A Photographic Guide to Snakes of India

Size: 144 pages

by Indraneil Das, A Photograpic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of India

  • $15.99 each
Snake Diseases - Preventing & Recognizing Illness

Size: 306 pages

Hard Back. By Frank Mutschmann DVM

  • $78.99 each
Amphibians & Reptiles of Madagascar (3rd edition)

Size: 495 pages

By Frank Glaw & Migue Vences. Awesome book covering almost every reptile and amphibian!

  • $129.99 each
The Amphibian and Reptile of Cyprus

Size: 364 pages. Hard cover

By Felix Baier, David Sparrow and Hans-Jorg Wiedl. Glossary, extensive bibliography, identification keys.

  • $94.99 each
  Amphibians & Reptiles of Margarita, Coche & Cubagu

Size: 350 pages

By Gabriel Ugueto & Gilson Rivas. Hardback. Intended to facilitate the identification of the 50 species of amphibians and reptiles occurring on the Venezuelan islands of Margarita, Coche and Cubagua.

  • $89.99 each
  Field Guide to Amphibians & Reptiles of California

Size: 552 pages soft cover

(Revised Addition) Robert C. Stebbins and Samuel M. McGinnis

  • $24.99 each
  Amphibians & Reptiles of the Sierra Tarahumara

Size: 448 pages. Soft cover

By Julio Espinal, Hobart Smith & Alexander Cruz. Full title "Amphibians & Reptiles of the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, Mexico"

  • $79.99 each
Encyclopedia of the Vivarium

Size: 224 pages. Hardback

David Alderton Keeping Amphibians, Reptiles, and Insects, Spiders and other Invertebrates in Terraria, Aquaterraria, and Aquaria

  • $39.99 each
  Amphibians & Reptiles of Coahuila, Mexico

A thoroughly modern treatment of the herpetofauna of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

  • $75.00 each
Field Guide to the Amphibians & Reptiles of Iowa

Size: Soft Cover

The first publication to include all 67 species of amphibians and reptiles native to Iowain a single volume. This is a comprehensive yet NON-technical field guide with an emphasis on the identification and ranges.

  • $39.95 each
Encyclopedia of Reptiles & Amphibians 2nd Edition

Size: 240 pages. Hardback

By Chris Mattison. The latest findings, brought vividly to life. This highly acclaimed encyclopedia combines authoritative, easy-to-read essays with exciting photographs showing reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitats.

  • $28.99 each
Costa Rica: A Journey Through Nature

Size: 196 pages. Hardback

By Adrian Hepworth. A Journey through Nature takes readers on a spectacular photographic journey through one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet

  • $28.99 each
A Guide to Health and Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians

Size: 176 pages

By Dr Brendan Carmel and Dr Robert Johnson

  • $58.99 each
Reptiles & Amphibians of the Pacific Islands - A Comprehensive Guide

Size: 320 pages

By George Zug. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands is a compendium of frogs, lizards, snakes, and turtles living on these lands and in the adjacent waters of the oceanic islands in the tropical Pacific.

  • $30.99 each
Herpers - Feature Documentary DVD

This movie features Slash, Chad Brown, Henry Lizardlover, Brian Sharp & more! Suitable for ALL ages. DVD is in widescreen. We at LLL watched this. It is really well done, and entertaining. Makes a great gift!

  • $13.95 each
Herpers 2 DVD

Herpers 2 takes us across North America visiting some of the biggest reptile names in the industry - including a behind the scenes tour of LLLReptile!

  • $15.00 each
Herpers 3 DVD

Herpers III: Tales from the Field, the third installment on the most popular documentary franchise on the great reptile culture, brings us all over the world in search of reptiles and amphibians in the natural habitats.

  • $15.00 each
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