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Lizards, Monitors, Chameleon Books

Iguana Handbook
  • $11.99 each

Size: 163 pages

By RD Bartlett. This book offers readers information on all aspects of green iguana care. Everything is covered, including purchase, care and feeding, enclosures, accessories, health, and breeding.

Snake Books

  • $8.99 each

Size: 94 pages

Patricia Bartlett, Ernie Wagner, 96 pages

Corn Snakes and Other Rat Snakes
  • $8.99 each

Size: 127 pages

RD Bartlett, Patricia Bartlett, 104 pages

Turtle and Tortoise Books

Turtles Complete Pet Owners Manaul
  • $5.99 each

Size: 64 pages

Turtles is a book in Barron's series of Complete Pet Owner's Manuals . This manual offers detailed instructions on turtle care, safe handling, feeding, health care, and terrarium construction and maintenance.

Aquatic Turtles Complete Pet Owners Manual
  • $5.99 each

Size: 64 pages

This book is one of more than 175 titles in Barron's extensive line of Complete Pet Owner's Manuals. All titles in this series present pet care information for non-specialist animal owners and pet buyers.

Medical Books, Encyclopedias, and Misc.

Reptiles, Amphibians & Invertebrates 2nd Edition
  • $16.99 $12.50 each
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Size: 280 pages

Hobbyists will appreciate this pictorial identification guide and basic husbandry manual covering more than 250 species, subspecies, and color morphs of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.