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Customer, 2020-02-18:

My testimonial: this is my first LLLReptile order, and I just wanted to say that I received my baby tortoise last week as scheduled and it was better than I had expected. The tortoise had good weight and was active and lively out of the box and seems to be acclimating well under my care, even more so than my other older tortoises I currently have when I had them shipped to me years ago as babies/juveniles. To top it all off, it is a really good looking baby tortoise, too, if I do say so myself, and I did not even notice the extra scute (I really had to look for the extra scute on this one to make sure it matched the order description!) No wounds, no chips, no scratches, no bruises, no nipped tail, no cuts: just a healthy, nice-looking baby tortoise who apparently is not too shy and loves to eat. Thank you very much, and I would definitely recommend LLLReptile for people looking for pet tortoises!

Customer, 2020-02-06:

I recieved my feeder anoles today and they all arrived alive and healthy. I just wanted to thank you guys. That was the most professionally packed reptile shipment I've ever recieved from any other company. I will be returning for more feeders and more. Thanks again!