The Box Turtle Manual

AVS The Box Turtle Manual. Box turtles are among the most beautiful and interesting turtles around. in order to fair well in captivity, these turtles must receive the proper care and maintenance. This revised and updated Box Turtle Manual is the most complete guide available to help ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on caring for your turtle. Some of the essential information included is on choosing, feeding, housing, breeding, and health care. There are also special sections on the Maylan Box Turtle and the Chinese Box Turtle.

The highly acclaimed Advanced Vivarium Systems TM books, founded and guided by herpetocultural pioneer Philippe de Vosjoli, are the #1 books on reptile care. From choosing a pet and selecting a veterinarian to feeding, housing, breeding, and more, these books deliver the most helpful and up-to-date information available on popular reptiles and amphibians kept as pets.

Size: 78 pages

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